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Anticorrosive processing technology and equipment introduce lumber
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Just as its name implies, full cell law makes antiseptic solution is full of in lumber cell namely, make lumber withholds the antiseptic that has maximum. This kind of method most agree with to carry with water model wood preservative will handle wood, also apply to with coal miscellaneous phenolic oil handles harbour picket wood, crosstie to wait. Its unit process of cargo bandling can divide for 5 phase:

1, before vacuum phase:

In putting lumber pressure dip to note coal tub, after closing good canister door, open vavuum pump, note coal tub vacuumize to dip (it is commonly - 0.08 ~ - 0.095MPa) , maintain 15 minutes to come 1 hour, in order to take out the air in lumber cell antrum, make lumber easy be noted by antiseptic dip, and decrease come out in recoil of the antiseptic when discharge is pressed, withhold more antiseptic to be in lumber. This also is the place that this law is different from law of cell of empty cell law and improved sky.

2, increase antiseptic level:

Below the case that does not close vavuum pump, below the condition that carries original vacuum to spend namely, add antiseptic solution. If vavuum pump is put out before antiseptic adds full pressure dip to note coal tub, so the air that dip notes the remain in coal tub to come down, or the steam that produces by processing solution is compressed the upside that notes coal tub to dip, when should continueing to add antiseptic solution so, these gas can fill up material piles the space that was managed to find time when vacuumize in upside lumber, such, make this part lumber absorbs the antiseptic solution of less amount, inhomogenous result issues on the lumber that causes same batch processing.

3, pressurization phase:

After antiseptic adds full pressure dip to note coal tub, shut vavuum pump, after eliminating vacuum, use force (can use hydraulic pressure, also can press with air) , the pressure that obtains a need (it is 0.8 ~ 1.5MPa commonly) hold period of time (it is 2 ~ 6 hours commonly) , the anticorrosive dose that needs till place is already deep in be being pressed into lumber, till the point that perhaps rejects to absorb antiseptic solution to lumber. When pressurization phase cease, when removing pressure, because be compressed,a few airy in lumber expand action, the antiseptic solution that is absorbed by lumber in pressurization phase has 15 % of 5 ~ to be met right now from inside lumber recoil comes out, in returning pressure dip to note coal tub.

4, the phase that discharge fluid:

Removing after pressure, use the gravitational function of antiseptic solution, or pump of the fluid that use a platoon, in noting pressure dip the antiseptic solution in coal tub to return antiseptic solution storage tank.

5, hind vacuum phase:

After the platoon uses up antiseptic solution, close all valve, put through vavuum pump, phase of the vacuum after beginning. It is OK that vacuum vacuum is spent after the vacuum before mixing is same (- 0.08 ~ - 0.095MPa) , or a bit a few lower, maintain 10 ~ 30 minutes. Remove next vacuum, give off the antiseptic solution that after vacuum phase takes out. Open coal tub door, take out the lumber of classics processing, a cycle of anticorrosive processing already was finished.
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