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North America is anticorrosive wood -- Gong Xuesong
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Gong Xuesong, producing area is the United States western reach Canada, it is the anticorrosive lumber with North America highest grade. Gong Xuesong has anticorrosion capacity of height, originate the alcohol of a kind of when grow naturally Thujaplicins that be called kind material; The acidity material of additionally one kind of Thujic that be called ensured lumber is not eroded by the insect. Gong Xuesong need not anticorrosive handle with pressure, the descent that does not get the insect and fungus, white ant and corrode, stability is admirable, term of service is long, be out of shape not easily, also won't cause pollution to the environment. Although be used in particularly dry or damp environment, its use fixed number of year to also can be amounted to 30 to 50 years, it is high quality natural and anticorrosive wood. Gong Xuesong or a kind of business that pledge the gentliest use cork, its sound insulation lies between heat energy force, and carry easily, the advantage of installation is more conspicuous.

Gong Xuesong's characteristic

Stability of natural and specious, anticorrosive, dimension, facilitate chromatic, use is extensive.

Red cedar utility

Gong Xuesong also can be used at indoor, as a result of the stability of dimension, apply to the environment of high humidity, sauna room, bathroom and kitchen. As a result of Gong Xuesong's delicate aroma, encounter water to heal thick, the daily bacterium such as fungus, mould can be controlled in use process. Use at making ambry, chest wait to be able to prevent cockroach, borer.