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What does outdoors floor choose anticorrosive wood
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The key that the family decorates is all the time indoors, outdoor it is easy to decorate by people neglect, especially outdoor balcony. Some compare a bit more exquisite person, can choose shop of floor tile of a few color to go up, but anyhow, floor tile gives a person too frozen sense, little comfortable and satisfied. There still is additionally one kind of choice now actually, also spread to the balcony on floor. Outdoors with anticorrosive wood, on the sweet atmosphere that builds house home, want ideal than floor tile much.

Can use 30 years really

Anticorrosive wood has the life of train in excess specified length that can endure outdoors wind to blow insolation, with its treatment the process is concerned. How is anticorrosive wood to make those who come? Say simply, airtight pressure is loaded after lumber is handled through treatment namely anticorrosive canister, press anticorrosive drug into wood interior with vacuum pressure, antiseptic penetrates the cell that enters lumber inside the organization, can be united in wedlock with lumber fiber cheek by jowl, achieve anticorrosive goal thereby.
Enter lumber to make antiseptic effective, lumber itself also was passed special choose. For instance the lumber such as European Japanese red pine can achieve the result of close together union with antiseptic, because this uses time to grow quite, what can achieve 30 years is long.

Antiseptic is crucial

Anticorrosive wood passes antiseptic treatment, and antiseptic is harmful to human body, want to choose what kind of antiseptic to machine ability to compare safety, these is afraid is the problem that consumer cares most. What inchoate anticorrosive wood uses is preservative of wood of CCA—C, B, although this kind of antiseptic has certain noxiousness, but because be only outdoor,use, the harm is accordingly lesser. Nowadays, had appeared preservative of wood of ACQ—D, C, B, through the anticorrosive wood that this kind of antiseptic machines, adopt environmental protection standard, its noxiousness is reduced greatly, everybody can be at ease choose and buy.
The advantage of anticorrosive wood [anticorrosive, moth-proofing] just as its name implies, anticorrosive wood has anticorrosive effect of course, because this compares more meeting,be regarded as the material of outdoors floor. Anticorrosive wood floor prevents effectively to be eroded microbially, also prevent bug eat by moth, at the same time waterproof, anticorrosive, because this can be endured outdoors harsher environment, do not do with give a lot of care.
Nevertheless, serve as the anticorrosive wood of an external use, the heat of its oneself bilges cold shrink to did not pass special control, because this is out of shape,compare serious. When laid prevents corrupt wood floor, with respect to need normally make it leaves the floor board that has crack, and resemble hollow-out be worn to rise together euqally, can break up at any time, convenient clean or the thing that picking up drops.
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