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The character of wood preservative
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Since wood preservative also is insecticide of a kind of sterilization, the sterilization insecticide of it and other utility, wait like insecticide of antiseptic of pesticide, food, wholesome sterilization have same place; But the protective object of wood preservative is lumber, the volume of lumber is large, and very compact, the time that needs protection grows again, use environment is compared again complex and abominable, so the sterilization insecticide of it and other utility has different place again. Baconian rise, wood preservative should have the following character.
1. Security
Wood preservative and the wood that handle via its produce the toxic phenomenon of pair of person cultivate, it is the smallest to environmental pollution and the possibility that send unripe fire. Antiseptic security is concerned with antiseptic itself not only, also use with what add up to manage science about. In addition, antiseptic solution also should not corrode action to metal or plastic container and equipment generation, because corrode,can cause leak, cause the pollution to the environment. The anticorrosive lumber after processing is carried, the processing of treatment and other also should be safety, should not send out when combustion a toxic gas, what also won't add fire is dangerous.
2. Effectiveness
The live thing that wood preservative must prevent effectively to destroy lumber is right the enroach on of lumber, its effect can pass lab, field and the experiment in use process to be measured. But the most effective wood preservative must deep, distributing equably to produce the result to the ability in lumber, so the permeate sex of antiseptic appears very important. The recipe of the permeate sex of antiseptic and antiseptic and quality have very big concern, must control processing solution and the quality that handle a product strictly.
3. Endurance
According to the requirement, antiseptic must be withheld make in lumber old. The factor that affects antiseptic endurance is very much, but, two main factors are the physics of antiseptic and chemistry, be in with reservation the means in lumber. If antiseptic falls to be able to happen to chemistry is decomposed or volatilize in normal temperature, so its are anticorrosive action won't abiding. If the lumber of processing is in damp place to use, so the active ingredient of antiseptic must be not given by rainwater place dissolve and prediction of a person's luck in a given year. The fights sex of prediction of a person's luck in a given year to perhaps come from itself water of antiseptic not dissolve sex, if coal is miscellaneous phenolic oil, oil carries antiseptic to wait, after perhaps entering lumber, water is formed in lumber not the material of dissolve sex, wait like CCA and ACQ. In addition, active ingredient of some wood preservative can be decomposed by institute of a few biology, also can affect the endurance of antiseptic.
4. Economy
The price is the main factor that a scarcely can neglect, the generator of this pair of antiseptic, factory owner that treats a factory, and the person that handle the sale of lumber and the person that use is very important. If the raw material of a kind of antiseptic heals cheap, make up and make a process heal it is simple, easy to heal, so the cost of this kind of antiseptic heals low, heal in the market competitive.
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