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How choose and identify wood preservative and anticorrosive lumber
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One, how to choose wood preservative and anticorrosive lumber
To ensure lumber and wood products reach the use fixed number of year of the design, should mix according to lumber the use environment of wood products, the biology in different use environment rots the harm level that factor reachs its goods to lumber, the influence of antiseptic and anticorrosive lumber to person cultivate and environment, and the demand of anticorrosive lumber rework will choose to use proper wood preservative and anticorrosive wood.

1, the use environment that must make clear wood preservative and anticorrosive lumber
Country of the great majority on the world the particular case with native basis, the live thing that uses the likelihood in the environment to get in what differ according to lumber and wood products rots the factor harm to lumber and wood degree undertakes classificationing, set the wood preservative that can use in different harm grade, maintain quantity and permeate deepness with the active part that in recommending the wood that handles with these antiseptic, should obtain. The user can ask according to his, choose the wood preservative that suits most and anticorrosive lumber from which. Can carry out of exit according to specific requirement of the client. Ministry of our country construction and national quality are supervised examine quarantine total bureau released quality of project of timberwork of national level GB 50206-2002“ to check and accept normative ” jointly on April 25, 2002. In the use environment of lumber of this normative lieutenant general and timberwork cent is 3 class: HJ I, HJ II, HJ III.

HJ I: Lumber and compound lumber use at in ground above:

1) interior construction;
2) the has cover timber structure outdoor;
3) outdoor expose the timberwork that is in damp condition medium or for a long time at atmosphere.

HJ II: Lumber and compound lumber are used at with the ground (or soil) , fresh water is contacted or be in other easy suffer decayed environment (the wooden member that is buried in body of build by laying bricks or stones or concrete for example) and insect pest area.

HJ III: Lumber and compound lumber use at with the ground (or soil) osculatory place:

1) horticultural field or insect pest are serious area;
2) semi-tropical or intertropical.

Note: Do not include the wood construction of maritime utility.
Bureau of forestry of our country country also is weaving the use classification of anticorrosive lumber of ” of preservative of wood of “ of forestry occupation standard and “ and requirement ” . The United States, Australia, Japan, European Union also corresponding standard can offer reference.

2, take each country seriously to set to the concerned limitation of wood preservative and anticorrosive lumber
Wood preservative and anticorrosive lumber are had restrain and poison lumber is decayed the function of bacterium and pest, to do not send harm person cultivate and contaminative environment, the particular case with each country native basis, prohibit to some of antiseptic and anticorrosive lumber are made or restrict limitative provision. If most country stipulates with mixture coal miscellaneous phenolic oil is mixed,the wood that 5 chloric phenol handle must be not used at living architectural interior and agricultural architectural is in-house, prevent to be contacted directly with person cultivate; Also must not use at storing to feed tasted building or the location that can contact with drinking water.
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