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The advantage of anticorrosive wood reachs off color issue
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One, product advantage:

Answer: Density tall, intensity good, grain clarity provides the tall, power that grasp a hammer extremely the decay in decorating the effect to prevent lumber outdoors environment, fight the insect pest such as termite erode, fight true fungus biologic to erode, mouldproof change, prevent aquatic (fresh water, seawater, can apply Yu Shuijing in great quantities, shape product, can install directly, and safeguard convenient, ACQ processing, environmental protection, can promote global forestry growth, not changeful form or craze, economy is beautiful and durable, decent.

2, what level can the osmosis of product antiseptic reach?

Answer: Permeating is the drug content that points to every stere, standard of NTRA European Union is every stere 12 kilograms drug content. Arboreous alburnum part handles drug to be able to be soaked completely through high pressure. Because the arboreous part that cultivate a heart contains wooden glue oil, so anticorrosive drug cannot be permeated, but wooden glue oily itself has anti-corrosive properties. Because the anticorrosive degree of this product is,accord with a standard.

3, brush again with homebred lumber on tung-oil, can you replace anticorrosive wood? The place with insufficient what does it have?

Answer: Brush lumber on tung-oil can not replace anticorrosive wood. Its principle is equal to reach besmear to brush the anticorrosive wood of antiseptic at immersing, the craze that adds the tung-oil that writes Yu Mu to pledge the surface has covering layer effect to because time elapse reachs woodiness itself,be met and lose anti-corrosive properties, need often undertakes maintenance, general every 2~3 year should undertake comprehensive maintenance besmears brush.

4, why say lumber be out of shape concern with craze and moisture content?

Answer: Lumber as a kind of natural material, wait for a variety of reasons and craze arises, attribute normal phenomenon. Antiseptic as a kind of anticorrosive material, its purpose depends on anticorrosive, make lumber park can boycott termite to erode in the harsh environment outdoor, the growth of spore fungus and decayed, aquatic biologic lodge to breed with etc insect, effective extension the use time that woodiness leaves in environment. Current anticorrosive drug has anticorrosive property only and cannot infiltration of block up moisture, accordingly lumber still is met craze.

5, why say lumber be out of shape concern with craze and moisture content?

Answer: Because in-house stress is caused,lumber is out of shape is, lumber craze is caused. Because the moisture content of lumber produced change,the prime cause that causes this kind of change is. Because lumber is composition of much annual ring, and come back cut plank the age of the annual ring of two surfaces is unequal, figure ground says: The faces moisture report with old age is slow, and the faces moisture report with small age is fast. Because this is below coequal condition, the watch area change of the one side with the watch area little without the age change of the one side with old age is big. Did not extend a gender because of lumber again, one party increases the surface to accumulate only through craze in order to poise. So we say craze and be out of shape closely related the moisture content with lumber.
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