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How is gardens of choose and buy anticorrosive lumber?
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Is consumer in is the choose and buy anticorrosive wood from time to tome the item that what need notices? What is there simple and effective discern the skill of its actor bad? When to put forward to suggest for consumer below.

Above all select material is qualitative

The anticorrosive wood breed of the market is at present various, have what import from the United States, Canada and Europe, also have homebred. The American red cedar of the entrance is natural anticorrosive material, but the price is very expensive, be like American south pine and Finnish wood otherly to wait also the price does not poor. Homebred anticorrosive wood basically is camphor tree child loose material, some closer year character has greatly rise, the price also moderate. Consumer should choose to use according to his actual condition.

Next antiseptic is crucial
Anticorrosive wood passes antiseptic treatment, and antiseptic is harmful to human body, want to choose what kind of antiseptic to machine ability to compare safety, these is afraid is the problem that consumer cares most. What inchoate anticorrosive wood uses is preservative of wood of CCA-C, B, although this kind of antiseptic has certain noxiousness, but because be only outdoor,use, the harm is accordingly lesser. Nowadays, had appeared preservative of wood of ACQ-D, C, B, through the anticorrosive wood that this kind of antiseptic machines, adopt environmental protection standard, its noxiousness is reduced greatly, everybody can be at ease choose and buy.

Want to choose the anticorrosive wood that environmental protection antiseptic handles as far as possible. The anticorrosive wood that normal manufacturer manufactures just can tag the antiseptic type that be sent on a diplomatic mission uses, consumer should examine label seriously, the wood that contacts directly with the person especially, stool of the desk in be like children game establishment, garden must choose CCA of environmental protection antiseptic or ACQ treated anticorrosive wood, conditional can choose natural and anticorrosive wood. Considering cost, the ligneous landscape of large area inside the park is like wooden a plank road built along a cliff, the consideration such as Mu Qiao and arbor uses CCA.

Examine anticorrosive processing effect

Intuitionistic go up the surface that can observe anticorrosive wood is bright and clean degree, drug handles bad surface to have the foreign matter such as powder, color is inhomogenous also. Additional, can cleavage anticorrosive wood examines processing deepness directly, good processing can arrive directly at duramen, also need to arrive at 1 centimeter deepness at least, so anticorrosive effect just has been met.

Examine lumber surface to have the scar that do not have a section, flaw, be out of shape wait for a phenomenon

What section scar affects lumber not only is beautiful, also be the bacterium, bug important channel that eats wood. Crackle and be out of shape because dry processing is bad to cause,the phenomenon basically is, classics is anticorrosive treated lumber, moisture content is commonly under 18 % , place in air won't craze or be out of shape.
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