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Landscape of Nanjing Fu Lang gardens is anticorrosive wood factory
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Landscape of Nanjing Fu Lang gardens is anticorrosive anticorrosive lumber development produces the North America that wood factory brings from the world to precede technology, do one's best of China of base oneself upon innovates, devote oneself to to offer the most advanced lumber for Chinese market anticorrosive technology and product.
It is at present China invests dimensions processing of anticorrosive lumber of bigger ACQ, CCA processes one of businesses, the antiseptic that our company use is foreign entrance, also be Chinese market is engaged in wood at the same time one of corporations with tectonic the most professional project.
The company devotes oneself to to make China provide base of the anticorrosive timber production of actual strength, treatment, research most. Offerred to produce high quality product solid assure.

Suitable scope:
A plank road built along a cliff of chair of the Mu Ting in column of paling of the wood that outdoors and anticorrosive wood just applies to of all kinds building to decorate place to use, court, square and gardens construction, wood, stake, wood, flower is worn, … of shakedown, Mu Qiao…

Company advocate battalion product:
1, Japanese red pine of loose;2 of Russia camphor tree, Europe; 3, material of American south lax standards, need according to the client at the same time, add the anticorrosive lumber with all sorts of qualitative material surely. Our product reachs American AWPA level.

Scope of business:
Floor of hut of stage of a plank road built along a cliff of arbor, Mu Qiao, wood, corridor wearing, relative standard, zoology, outdoors wood, flower is worn, essay of dock of baluster of woodiness of flower bed, outdoors desk and chair, landscape, houseboat, outdoors gardens.

Technical advantage:
All products the treatment that preexistence factory has standardizing.

Whole journey serves:
Before offerring carry out for the client, carry out the service with the excellent whole journey after medium, carry out and perfect and seasonable customer service guarantee a system. Spot design and installation one continuous line serve.
The company pursues “ all the time the 10 thousand environments that change, the tenet of changeless character ” !

It is cornerstone with quality, sincere letter is essential,
Client satisfaction is a tenet, start Fu Lang new brand!