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Shanghai river bay is anticorrosive wood
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Shanghai river bay is anticorrosive wood is Shanghai brand of a limited company of data of smooth Mu Jianzhu is subordinate anticorrosive wood, limited company of Shanghai Ping Mu housing materials is a collect housing materials sale, gardens equipment sale, gardens construction, production of building construction, anticorrosive timber, sale, construction is the housing materials company of an organic whole, shanghai Ping Mu company is northeastern large log purchases base to import all the year round: Camphor tree child case of camphorwood of tree of the loose, southern pine, Hua Qisong, Korean pine, Bai Liuan that reachs rare tree capable person, Gong Liuan, silver-colored mouth, hill, pineapple, showed a company to establish Shanghai river bay to enlarge compasses model ministry of anticorrosive carpentry Cheng, ministry of this anticorrosive carpentry Cheng from since founding, devote oneself to to found beautiful gardens all the time, sweet home, major is engaged in the room inside and outside such as gardens of park, village, villa the production of anticorrosive wood and installation; Horticultural landscape essay designs anticorrosive wood, make. Nearly 100 people establish the construction project personnel that the company has major up to now oneself carried on home tens of project of project of large and municipal park, in international metropolitan Shanghai, heaven Hangzhou, the fashionable town such as maritime garden Xiamen obtained very exceedingly good result. Long-term since, the company passes the ceaseless promotion of project technology, and those who design a level is ceaseless surmount, won broad client praise with reliance, believe Shanghai makes the same score Mu Gong to department has actual strength completely to carry on and had completed your project so, we expect the collaboration with you, achieve in all double win.