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Jinan Di Sen is anticorrosive wooden industry limited company
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Jinan Di Sen is anticorrosive wooden industry limited company, the research that takes domain of anticorrosive wood, Finnish wood, char wood seriously all the time, development, it is Chinese lumber industry is engaged in anticorrosive wood earlier popularizing one of units. The ACQ vacuum that introduces international to precede early or late prevents corrupt facility, have all sides of might of German Michael · with excellent complete set at the same time dig treatment machinery and hothouse of microtherm gush evaporate, anticorrosive lumber function stabilizes the series of development, character is outstanding, for user, landscape design personnel dispels the moth-proofing, anticorrosive worry on lumber choice.                     

The company uses the high grade wood of world each district, basically have the camphor tree that imports from Russia among them child loose, canadian red cedar and the United States' homebred south are loose, and the course ACQ vacuum such as case of wood of eucalyptus of peaceful teak, willow, Hua Limu, pineapple, red Hu Tao, Shabili prevents corrupt processing, anticorrosive wood uses manufacturing landscape extensively at courtyard of family of gardens landscape, illicit, outdoors tourist attraction. The company has professional landscape career ministry and carpentry team, flowerpot of grille of stage of the batch production frame house that make, kiosk, Mu Qiao, can relative standard, grape trellis, swing, a plank road built along a cliff, wood, recreational desk and chair, wood.

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