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Fujian Pu Tian Minxin is anticorrosive wood limited company
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Our company are a professional production treatment door exterior watchs anticorrosive wood, char wood, it is a client design, installation, order do all sorts of norms anticorrosive lumber.

The main and applicable square, balcony that occupy the home, curtilage, swim the domain such as …… of board of pool, park, frame house, flower nursery, outdoors furniture, houseboat, dock, bridge. Main product: Red cedar of European pine, Finnish wood, southern pine, Canada, fir, Japanese red pine, Russia camphor tree child pine and line of of all kinds wood are anticorrosive standards of wood of goods, char, product is all ready. The product uses international ACQ of newest generation antiseptic and CCA. The lumber that passes processing can rise anticorrosive, defatted, mouldproof, prevent formic, defend the action such as fungus, can make wood life is amounted to 30 years above.

The company has professional construction team, carry on the design of all sorts of anticorrosive goods, make reach installation, and the style with high grade product, sincere letter, enthusiastic service, genuine hope and you cooperate, start harmonious life in all.

We will wholeheartedly await respectively your presence!

For you implementation " returns to nature, life warmth is harmonious, savour gardens appeal " the cultivated move that we are trying hard