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Beijing sincere letter is anticorrosive wood limited company
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Our company are a collect anticorrosive wood - flame retardant wood - char wood - wallboard of room inside and outside - the production that pet house abandons - sell - design - the large company of construction and design of series gardens afforest and construction. Bright and beautiful forest outdoors and anticorrosive wood (hemlock of the wood of Lan Mu of Oufen of Gong Xuesong of American south pine, Canada, north, Finland that bake, Canada, Russia camphor tree child loose) reach gardens the omnibus enterprise that outdoors furniture is an organic whole.
Our company are lumber of institute of industry of lumber of courtyard of Chinese forest division anticorrosive processing demonstrative base, all technologies originate institute of industry of lumber of courtyard of Chinese forest division, invite Lin Ke courtyard Dr. Jiang Mingliang to be the technical adviser of my company, guidance monitors the production of the company and product quality. , subordinate sets professional construction team and design staff, can offer for the client from what design construction one-stop service, for the court with your sweet flower we use the inspiration with constant in a steady stream to dial one's mind disturbed bowstring makes you get drunk - bright and beautiful Lin Aijia is anticorrosive wood makes ~ of perfect illicit home garden for you cottage of ~ ~ knot surprises in person condition free gardens scene. Carry on all sorts of condole top projects and outdoors wood (desk and chair of outdoors and anticorrosive floor, wallboard, wood, swing, gazebo) , gardens essay (kiosk of a plank road built along a cliff of flower wearing, Hua Chi, Mu Qiao, wood, wood) landscape project.
Bright and beautiful Lin Aijia Teb is colorless and anticorrosive wood and ACQ are anticorrosive wood: It is the Russia camphor tree with adoption excellent mass child the pine serves as raw material, after planing machine is smooth, grain is even and close, use courtyard of Chinese forest division to offer Teb of environmental protection drug or ACQ, after be being handled through macerate of vacuum maximum pressure, use technically at wallboard of room inside and outside, lumber interior decoration is used, can use in the environment that contacts with water system, soil directly, also be the indispensable material in outdoors gardens landscape.
Exterior char wood: Exterior char wood is barbecue of the welding torch that use oxygen, make lumber surface has a very thin char layer, OK to the change of lumber function the paint of analogy lumber, but can dash forward show the face uneven Mu Wen, produce stereo result. Applied respect is in centrally handicraft, decorate material and products of aquatic animals tin. Also call craft char wood, charcoal to burn wood this lumber reflected natural, high, classic style. It all characteristics had fallen to be used at interior decoration also is now the new material that interior decoration tastes;
Coessential char wood: Anticorrosive technical divisions manages and become through having oxygen high temperature, coessential char is anticorrosive wood comes from Europe, have use record of 10 years. Famous Lyons opern used complete char 1997 anticorrosive timberwork.
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