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Anticorrosive wood and timberwork, lumber protects 2008 China International prod
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Extend meeting time: On March 6, 2008 - 8 days
Place: Beijing exhibition
Sponsor an unit: People's Republic of China builds a department
Undertake unit: China builds culture center
Assist run an unit: Association of Beijing housetop afforest
Shanghai landscape learns

Support an unit:
Property of construction ministry residence promotes central China to build design academy
Chinese scenery gardens learns Chinese architecture to meet
Sculpture of city of whole nation of association of Chinese town planning builds directive committee member

What anticorrosive wood has become gardens landscape to build in recent years is new bestow favor on, lumber is anticorrosive, lengthen wood service life to have extremely all in all, urgent real sense, it is long-term resource uses the strategy, it is natural resources of forest of managing lumber, protection, improvement the efficient way that zoology environment, implementation can develop continuously, also be the property of a rising sun that implementation zoology benefit and economic benefits synchronism develop, amount of production of domestic anticorrosive timber, agency is carrying ascendant current all the time, the lumber resource of our country comparatives again finite, this is anticorrosive wood market warm up offerred good chance. Our country is annual during 15 " only building adornment, decorate make an appointment with 70 million stere with lumber, a lot of shares in these lumber have anticorrosive processing value, but, anticorrosive job did not pay close attention to lumber in the round up to now and start, although can touch,arrive, it is fragmentary one fraction only, or pure termite prevents and cure and flame retardant processing, so the market prospect of anticorrosive wood still is valued, this also travels with field of our country city at the same time economy, suddenly development concerns the bitter fleabane of common cause, because anticorrosive Mu Kangfeng fights rain,bask in, plasticity is strong, and the shell is beautiful, its product applies extensively at travel scene area, public product market. Domestic bldg. arisen a trend that uses anticorrosive lumber to regard green as building materials, this is the inevitable trend of market demand.
After the anticorrosive wood product of the enterprise enters our country market related abroad, also be bred and promoted the development of market of product of our country anticorrosive wood, companies of a batch of new treatment of anticorrosive timber production are in each district in succession build, a posture of new competition of anticorrosive wood product is being formed stage by stage.
2008 exhibition hand in hand the authoritative orgnaization such as society of landscape of association of Beijing housetop afforest, Shanghai, the design of urban park landscape that makes international authority with all one's strength jointly and ministry are tasted exhibit

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