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Decorate of woodworker of international of new Siberia of the 19th Russia, build
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Russia is big country of global timber production, also be a potential giant lumber machines machinery to consume the market. Silvan natural resources basically distributings to be mixed in thing Bai Liya far east area, 65% what occupy countrywide forest natural resources, area of this area forest amounts to 615 million hectare, quantity of lumber total save up amounts to 50.31 billion stere. Place teems with Bai Song, korean pine, the needle Xie Lin such as deciduous leaf pine, also produce the birch, oak tree, the frigid zone broad Xie Lin such as Chinese catalpa tree, these lumber are used extensively at the building. Local government regards one of pillar industry of place as timber industry.
In recent years, as Russia log export tax rises, many Russia enterprise builds lumber processing factory in place, export primary treatment lumber, this increased place to be opposite the demand of forestry equipment and woodworker. And the treatment facilities of Russian industry machinery is backward, this gave Chinese lumber machinery to bring business chance to Russian exit. Russia imports woodworker every year to amount to 60 million beautiful round above. The woodworker that China makes with its practical, low-cost, quality is good the loving that produces business by Russia furniture, come to China every year purchase business and purchase woodworker amount to grow with the amount of twice.
Times of trade of classics of the Russia in occupying reported on September 3, market of Russia far east builds woodworker demand increase sharply to China. Since 8 years June 1, russian Federation government is exported to restrict log, raised log to export custom duty. 1 what export China every year, the much in lumber of 000 much stere machines plank hind to enter China in Russia, accordingly, russia home machines mechanical demand increase sharply to lumber.
Company of exhibition of international of ITE new Siberia invites you cordially to attend adornment of woodworker of international of new 2009 Siberia, building to use timber and wood exposition. Hope domestic woodworker makes manufacturer end miss good opportunity!

Official support: Russia carpentry reachs furniture industry association, new Siberia carpentry reachs furniture guild, new Siberia area is harmonious meeting, national management board, municipal government of new Xi Baiya
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
Should exhibit meeting general to be in the city of metropolis new Siberia of city of Russian Federation new Siberia to hold. Of the 3rd big city of the center that regards Siberia as the area and Russia, by right of its convenience railroad is carried, rich rich, become woodworker is held to exhibit the optimal area of the meeting in Russia place. Should exhibit can hold 18 successfully already. Attracted come from Germany, denmark, sweden, more than 100 ginseng of a few 20 countries such as Poland exhibit business ginseng, it is the professional grand meeting that local woodworker and furniture trade public figure attend surely. Do to can exhibit this more the major of internationalization is exhibited meeting, exhibition of woodworker of international of 9 years of Siberia will by British international trade and exhibition limited company (abbreviation ITE) sponsor, by right of ITE company whole world 21 sell group dominant position, in each big media, professional magazine, TV, internet increases propagandist strength.
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