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Building materials of the 26th Greek international was exhibited 2009
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Extend meeting time: In Feburary 2009 19—22 day
Exhibit meeting site: Sa Luoni blocks international conference to exhibit a center
Exhibit can sponsor: Greek HELEXPO shows a company
Exhibit meeting cycle: Annual
Upper bound exhibits can review:
Show an area: 43, 000 square metre
Exhibit trade measure: 1, 122, come from 35 countries
Watch numerous amount: 59, 301 person-time, come from 23 countries, basically come from area of and other places of country of Balkan area, European Union, middle east
Postpone meeting introduction:
INFACOMA is the building materials with the most important the largest scale exhibits northeast Europe, also be building materials industry is exhibited best meeting, this is exhibited can be Greek the platform that the enterprise of domestic and international housing materials industry provided communication, attract every year by tens of thousands the person that look around people. Exhibit the metropolis on the meeting every year to exhibit here newest product.
Market analysis:
Saluonika is located in Greek north, it is Greek northward industry town of military importance is mixed the 2nd big city. The Bulgaria of Saluonika and southern Europe, Majidu, wave is black wait for landlocked nation border on, depend on advantageous situation, become hub of principal liaison man and distribution centre of goods and materials, serve as the portal of the the Balkan peninsula at the same time, saluonika has become the economic trade centre of southern Europe and Balkan area, a lot of international orgnaizations and trade organization are located hereat, for example the Balkan peninsula of bank of the Black Sea, European Union rebuilds center of international trade of agency, Balkan. The conference of a lot of important international of Balkan area and commercial fair are held in Saluonika.
Of area of the Balkan peninsula afterwar rebuild to the job has spread out in the round at present and get an European Union support energetically, throw what capital of a huge sum undertakes infrastructure every year to rebuild the job, very big to the demand of building materials, this is the fine the main chance that product of Chinese building materials enters Balkan region market.
Limits of item on display:
* housing materials: Material of pottery and porcelain, natural stone, man-made stone material, got-up material (bronze ware) , insulation material (vitreous cotton, get together ammoniac fat) , construction chemical industry is add agent, coating, paint, floor and carpet, wall paper and wallboard are enchased etc, door window material (steel of wood, aluminium alloy, plastic, model) , ceiling and roof material, hollow glass;
* builds hardware: Glass of the warm equipment of water mouth, water, goods that defend bath, adornment, door (include door of ambry wall cupboard) silk screen of cutting tool of window and fittings of door window hardware, lock, building, valve, fastener, standard component, hammer;
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