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Building materials of German Munich international was exhibited 2009
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Exhibit meeting name] building materials of German Munich international was exhibited 2009
[hold time] on January 12, 2009 —17 day
[hold a place] Munich international exhibits a center

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1, aluminous: Window of part of aluminous goods, aluminous casing, fixed component, safety and fire prevention technology, door, doorcase, aluminium machines machinery and tool;
2, steel: Steel, gate and door window, zinc and copper, goods, stainless steel goods;
3, wood: Window of wood and plastic products, door, inside the door, front door, doorcase, stair, floor;
4, building design: Software of industry of design of urban landscape design, urban land mark and public construction, garden, construction and CAD are folded pressure shape safety of technology, lock and establishment of form a complete set, building, building is ventilated with air conditioning technology;
5, shakedown material: Flexibility and textile ground covering, floor, fold pressure shape material of floor of technology, gymnasium, carpet;
6, glass: Wall of act of housing materials of glass, glass, glass;
7, made of baked clay: The material of pottery and porcelain of tile and vitreous made of baked clay ceramic, building materials, natural stone, goods that defend bath;
8, material of construction chemical industry: All sorts of agent of building chemistry, coating and paint, bind, insulating material, building uses housing materials of tile of tool, sealed technology, housetop and chimney;
9, brick: Stone material reachs earthy material: Brick of material of stone material, clay, concrete, floatstone, lime, aerate polish of material of material of material of building materials of cement of concrete, fiber, housetop, interior trim, gesso, floor, paint, prefab board [postpone meeting brief introduction]

System of German Munich housing materials, architecture, building updates biennially international trade exhibition (BAU) is construction industry Europe's biggest exhibition. The sponsor person that building materials of German Munich international exhibits is company of Munich international exhibition (MMG) it is Germany one of companies of 5 big exposition, have a series of worlds' famous brand exhibition and Europe's top-ranking modernization to exhibit a center. Should exhibit can hold 17 already successfully, exhibit in what get on on the meeting, have 2 of 44 countries in all, 046 companies ginseng is exhibited, ginseng exhibit an area to amount to 180 thousand square metre, shared 210 thousand audience to visit BAU 2007 to exhibit meeting, among them 36 thousand audiences come from 146 countries beyond Germany. Among them new material of hardware of floor of window of the Wei Yu of pottery and porcelain that China postpones business, door, glass and building got of the audience reputably. The abundance of company of Munich international exhibition does exhibit experience and success to run make BAU becomes housing materials suffer greatly inside the industry ginseng exhibit business and audience gay international famous exhibition. Should be being exhibited accordingly can be you newest market trends and international are famous inside knowledge industry the enterprise undertakes good the main chance of the rare that communicate!
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