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Building materials of German Munich international was exhibited 2009
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[market background]

German building materials manages building materials and the superstore that decorate things adornment market is not traditional sense already only, product category expands ceaselessly in old management and outspread. Current building materials decorates side of market product position, the business area of building and adornment things occupies 53.5 % left and right sides commonly, horticultural product 28.8 % , housing materials and lumber 17.7 % . At present dimensions compares the product that big building materials market manages to basically include: Household is decorated kind, housing materials, horticultural kind etc. Current, competition of market of Chinese building materials is very intense, extend overseas market actively to make each pressing demand of big company, but the mainstream product that Chinese building materials wants to make Germany and European market truly, return so that note a few problems. Chinese enterprise exports a product to cannot rely on low case merely to Europe, should serve fluctuation time in product quality and sale more, concern through building good cooperation with native land importer, the sale network that uses them to have publicizes channel, undertake the market is popularized ceaselessly, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in establishing has a brand oneself.
In addition, 10 countries join hamster after the European Union, bulgaria, Romania, Keluodeya also be included entered alliance Hou Xuanguo 2007, wave is black with Er of a place of strategic importance Wei Yazheng manages economy gradually the country such as hasten stability and Russia, China of the market open further, decorate retail business to German building materials abroad and patulous bring quite much good luck to also gave enterprise of Chinese building materials to bring not small carry a station! Accordingly, attend German Munich international built building materials to exhibit 2009 is you develop field of vision, increase the chance of the rare of oneself brand position!
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