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Building materials of polish 2009 international is exhibited
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Exhibit meeting name] building materials of polish 2009 international is exhibited
[showpiece time] on January 20, 2009 - 23 days
[showpiece dot] ● of center of exhibition of the international austral wave at present is polish
[sponsor an unit] the international austral wave at present shows a company
[limits of item on display]

1, housing materials: Ceramic tile of profile of material of pottery and porcelain, natural stone, man-made stone material, plastic different, aluminous profile, got-up material, coating, paint, edge, wall paper and wallboard are enchased etc, door window material (steel of wood, aluminium alloy, plastic, model) ceiling and roof material, building;
2, building hardware: Warm equipment of water mouth, water, clean provides accessory of the fittings of hardware of the window that reach the door, valve, fastener, standard component, establishment that defend bath, bathroom and adornment to wait;
3, door window kind: The act wall of window of door of of all kinds material, of all kinds structure, fittings of window of wall body material and profile, door and former complementary makings, sealed reach insulation material window of complementary makings, door detects extruding of equipment, profile and finishing equipment, mould, assemble reach door of ventilated equipment, of all kinds special type window, right tell system, lock to decide system and equipment to wait;
4, ground material: Plank of flooring of mat of parquetry, floor tile, each cultivate land, door pad, bathroom mat, industry, sealant, sizy, adhesive, PVC. [postpone meeting brief introduction]

Since establishing first 1978, BUDMA dimensions grows increasingly, already developed the hamster in becoming up to now the biggest build building materials exposition with what have force most. BUDMA is the exhibition of polish and exclusive building building materials that has international level truly, in exhibit it introduced newest building technology and building appliance device on the meeting, the person that attract present major to look around tens of thousands of. BUDMA is exhibited basically can be to be aimed at building materials manufacturer, there is 3/4 about in joining the company that exhibit every year is building materials manufacturer, 1/4 it is trafficker. 2008, should exhibit can greet come from 29 countries and area in all 1, 598 enterprises, than 2007 increased 298, come from Austria respectively, belgian, white Russia, bulgaria, china, keluodeya, czech, denmark, finnish, france, germany, england, israel, italy, latvian, luxembourg, malaysia, holand, polish, russia, slovak, spain, sweden, taiwan, turkey, wu Kelan and United States. Exhibit can exhibit an area to amount to 47, 433 square metre. In addition, professional audience amount was achieved 65, 000 people. So huge crowd gathered to prove the position that BUDMA holds the balance in building materials industry again, should extend the new trend that reflects building materials of current world international accurately. The BUDMA that believes to got from inside nature with “ inspirational ” gives priority to a problem 2009 will be greeted surely more brilliant tomorrow!
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