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American ground decorated exhibition of building materials year 2008
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Extend meeting time: 2008-1-30 arrives 2008-2-1
Exhibit meeting address: The United States pulls Siweijiasi Sands exhibits a center

Postpone meeting brief introduction

In recent years, although the point of growth of American economy is not to make a person hopeful very much, but real estate is one branch of “ however in economic progress alone beautiful ” , start working of civil residence bridal chamber, complete, sale showing a house lasts fiery, make one of a few rare window in American economy. So, the building materials market of current United States is well worth doing, and Surfaces is exhibited can be to be domestic building materials to reach its more relevant industry offerred those who hold American market a variety of advantage. In real estate of swift and violent development drive, american ground decorates the market also is to warm up ceaselessly, housing industry is American economy it is one of branches that explode most, office building construction also is anabiosising. All many demand that these are product of American ground building materials provided the market, also be the business chance of Chinese home building materials and relevant industry at the same time, and the ground building materials that China produces with the price times cheaper welcome, believe Chinese each ginseng exhibits business and audience to will obtain extensive business to trade from inside this grand meeting so achievement. For the enterprise that decorates material to ground of Chinese production, sale, should be being exhibited is develop and consolidate the optimal business chance of America market! Surfaces is the precede person that holds fair of commodity of ground building materials, it called together many product every year to trade for enterprise of global ground building materials business, middleman, shopkeeper and jobber, it is the exhibition of large ground building materials on the world. The interactive communication of the level of science and technology that additionally this exhibition devotes oneself to to promote trade of American ground material all the time and other country product and discuss, and business of trafficker of material of ground of ceaseless stimulative each country, imports and exports reachs do one's best the trade activity autograph between the manufacturer is made an appointment with. In exhibit during the meeting, ground technology seminar also is held along with all the others, content involves wooden industry, compound floor, carpet, fiber, without spin cloth and machinery to wait, a lot of international guild and governmental orgnaization are exhibited to this can give very large support and attention. And know exactly about sth 10 thousand kinds professional product exhibits, it is a when people can see exclusively large exhibition that comes from ground of world each district to decorate a product.

Exhibit meeting product

1, floor: Compound wood floor, solid Mu Fu adds up to real wood floor, aggrandizement all sorts of floor, bamboo floor, compositive material floor, cork floor, man-made plank
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