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Anticorrosive wood and outdoors lumber industry exhibit 2009 Guangzhou internati
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Time: In March 2009 10—12 day
Place: Pa continent exhibits house • to protect benefit world trade to read extensively house  
Invitation letter [approval orgnaization] Guangdong visits office of collaboration of foreign trade economy
[sponsor an unit] Guangdong is saved external Hong Wei international of Hong Kong of association of economic collaboration industry shows a group
[undertake unit] Guangzhou city Hong Wei shows service limited company
[introductive] lumber serves as a kind of rich, it is one of precious fortune of the mankind. Of the standard of living as people rise ceaselessly, bigger and bigger also to its demand, developing lumber to protect an enterprise is development loop economy, compose builds resource managing model the main content that is managing lumber resource, also be reasonable use and efficient use the means with the the most important, directest lumber, 58 files of print and distribute of general office of the State Council, the 5% development goals of the left and right sides that decide to 2010 anticorrosive scale raises our country lumber to hold output of domestic goods lumber, and made clear concrete policy step, for our country lumber protective industry development points to clear direction, brought new development opportunity. And data of investigation of managing development center shows Chinese lumber, at present anticorrosive scale still is less than our country lumber 2% of commodity lumber crop, and abroad achieves 15% above commonly, huge gap shows production of our country anticorrosive timber and agency have very large development space. Advance what build as our country city quickly, add people the natural to regression, demand that improves life quality is higher and higher, , domestic timber demand will increase further, the lumber resource of our country comparatives again finite, this is anticorrosive wood market warm up offerred good chance. Accordingly, although our country prevents year after year of corrupt wood output to rise, but ascendant space is very large still, the market will still carry the state that warm up. For this, the exposition of industry of Guangzhou international garden that will be in center of Pa continent exhibition to hold in March 2009 will roll out anticorrosive wood and outdoors lumber industry to exhibit an area, reveal in the round in recent years our country anticorrosive wood and outdoors lumber develop a tendency. Anticorrosive wood and outdoors lumber industry exhibit “ Guangzhou international ” will be an international the trade grand meeting of anticorrosive wood. Exhibit resource of advantage of meeting general conformity and perfect professional promotion, the trade collaboration grand meeting that builds a manufacturer, agency, estate to develop business and media colleague to gather together. Believe to exhibit of the meeting hold publicize the home market of company image, race to control, provider job opportunity that develops overseas market for the manufacturer, also be sure to promote the development of anticorrosive wood and outdoors lumber industry, current exhibit meeting in order to gather together timberwork of gardens of new business chance, stimulative building and development of anticorrosive timber estate expand for the tenet, make full use of advocate, undertake the exhibits meeting promotion and international standard exhibition with network of the powerful force in international home, globalization, professional orgnaization serves, for global building gardens timberwork and anticorrosive timber industry build the platform that hands in easy, communication and collaboration, ginseng exhibit limits ◆ anticorrosive wood and new-style lumber: Wood of wood of model of carbonization wood, anticorrosive macerate wood, wood and wooden model product, man-made, science and technology, flame retardant preservative of lumber, wood, coloring agent, modifier, desiccative and anticorrosive wood are outdoors paint; ◆ timberwork reachs wood: A plank road built along a cliff of column of stage of room of villa of frame house, Mu Ting, Zhu Wu, Zhu Ting, wood, ligneous activity, light-duty timberwork, Mu Qiao, relative standard, paling, baluster, wood, anticorrosive wood flower is worn, 100 pages, anticorrosive wood enters the wallboard outside grape trellis, anticorrosive wood, anticorrosive Mu Mu timberwork of court of balcony of a Menmuda, sauna board, flower bed, outdoors floor, outdoors swing, landscape; ◆ relevant technology: Anticorrosive technology, insect-resistant technology, flame retardant technology, wood is dry technology; ◆ media, website and relevant administration and guild exhibit add brilliant organizing committee to contact means:
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