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Gardens of building of international of the 4th Shanghai is anticorrosive wooden
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Extend meeting time: 2008-6-11 arrives 2008-6-13
Exhibit meeting address:

Sponsor an unit: Chinese lumber is managing develop a center
Guild of Shanghai gardens afforest

Undertake unit: Shanghai bright and beautiful arranges an exhibition to serve limited company
VNU Asia shows a group

Assist run an unit: Shanghai is built and run committee
Shanghai afforest management board
Shanghai builds a society
American forestry reachs paper trade association
Association of Canadian timber trade
Center of originality of industry of New Zealand timber

Postpone meeting brief introduction

Market background

Developing lumber to protect an enterprise is development loop economy, compose builds resource managing model with the environment friendly model the main content that lumber protection is managing lumber resource, also be reasonable use and efficient use one of means with the the most important, directest lumber. 58 files of print and distribute of general office of the State Council, the 5% development goals of the left and right sides that decide to 2010 anticorrosive scale raises our country lumber to hold output of domestic goods lumber, made clear concrete policy step, for our country lumber protective industry development points to clear direction, brought new development opportunity. Data of investigation of managing development center shows Chinese lumber anticorrosive scale still is less than our country lumber at present 2% of commodity lumber crop, and abroad achieves 15% above commonly, huge gap shows production of domestic and international anticorrosive timber and agency have very large development space.
Advance what build as our country city quickly, add people the natural to regression, demand that improves life quality is higher and higher, and Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world rich meet be about to hold, domestic timber demand will increase further, the lumber resource of our country comparatives again finite, this is anticorrosive wood market warm up offerred good chance. Accordingly, although our country prevents year after year of corrupt wood output to rise, but ascendant space is very large still, the market will still carry the state that warm up.

Wonderful reviewing

Only then 2005, the wood construction of gardens of Shanghai international building that holds 3 successfully already is anticorrosive product exhibition is home those who hold is exclusive and dinkum those who reveal technology of domestic and international advanced and anticorrosive wood and anticorrosive wood is high-grade reveal meeting, attracted American forestry and paper trade association, association of Canadian timber trade, center of originality of industry of New Zealand timber, head office of Finnish timber industry, finnish UPM, american introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Buddha, group of trade of Swedish country timber, differ greatly, big bank, long scene, fujian wood village, big favor is tall, the day is protected, jiangxi east source, grand art amount to wait for industry of domestic and international outstanding and anticorrosive timber and orgnaization ginseng to exhibit. Activity and annual, the design of landscape of gardens of “ Shanghai international with domestic the largest scale and the corresponding period of ” of urban construction exhibition are held together. “ Shanghai international still was held to build gardens timber structure during the activity ” of forum of anticorrosive technology application, “ " anticorrosive lumber produces a standard " the activity of form a complete set such as ” of national level informal discussion, make exhibit can present content truly new, class is high, the bright characteristic with much activity.
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