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continent anticorrosive wood: Change with changeless between
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Take over continent the sale of anticorrosive wood engineers a project, say some turns to make the taste that wearing. At the outset limited company considers the continent wood employment of Shanghai product line of floor of mount a horse, hear we engineer a domain to compare major in the floor, so continent the company talks to always search on a special trip come to come. Later because of a variety of reasons, floor project is hard and fast, both sides turns to the look continent the anticorrosive wood project that the company is having. Anatomize comes down, everybody thinks this market is blank consistently very much, perspective is wide, the valence watch that popularizes than the floor is big, and the brand that at present anticorrosive timber industry still does not have real significance to go up, dedicated hereat piece show itself more easily. Make anticorrosive wood trade strong brand, have national promotion, become very quickly continent the consensus with us, bilateral collaboration begins at this point.

Anticorrosive wood is in China arisen do not spend time ten years, use at crosstie of railroad tie, colliery at first, entering civil field is in last few years thing. Since 2002, the production of domestic anticorrosive timber, selling quantity is carrying ascendant current all the time, especially nearly one, come 2 years, the market maintains high speed growth, anticorrosive {TodayHot} wood is applied at tourist attraction of afforest of gardens landscape, village, travel, family to decorate and other places widely square.

From social meaning this level is analysed, lumber regards second birth cycle as endless resource, reasonable to it use, the environmental protection theme that apparent suit advocates now. The pressurization of lumber is anticorrosive processing, will be the whole world annual and managing individual plant of 200 million 3 ten million is arboreous, have extraordinary important sense to global environmental protection, ecological balance.

Ecru and changeless

Market of domestic anticorrosive timber is in period of battle royal of the Warring States at present, in the product coessential below the case that turn, company of estate of person of the same trade nots hesitate to contend for the market with the sacrificial profit, way that makes price war, want to place emergence from inside competition of price of this kind of low administrative levels, the brand is managed make a the only way. At present anticorrosive timber industry still does not have strong brand, the brand construction that also is an enterprise provided a good chance and vast imaginary space. Once brand effect is built, will provide a kind of competition ability that duplicates hard for the enterprise.

Alleged train of thought decides an outlet. Should make continent brand, have to undertake whole plans, examine continent brand present position, of mining continent the core value of the brand, make clear thereby continent the direction that the brand accumulates, hold to a theme to have the success after all.
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