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Finnish timber industry talks about market of Chinese anticorrosive wood
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Anticorrosive wood is in China arisen do not spend time ten years, use at crosstie of railroad tie, colliery at first, entering civil field is in last few years thing. Since 2002, the production of domestic anticorrosive timber, selling quantity is carrying ascendant current all the time, come nearly 3 years especially, the market maintains high speed growth, anticorrosive wood is applied at tourist attraction of afforest of gardens landscape, village, travel, family to decorate and other places widely square. In numerous industry business, head office of industry of Finnforest Finnish timber is the international business that enters Chinese market the earliest, the beginning that uses outdoors and anticorrosive wood was initiated in Chinese market, be known as the person of lead the way of industry of Chinese anticorrosive timber.

Head office of Finnish timber industry, headquarters results from Finnish, manufacturing base centers Yu Fenlan, norwegian, sweden, england, germany, the 20 many countries such as France, sale site spreads all over the whole world, it is Europe's biggest Mu Yesheng produces a company, belong to Metsaliitto group, company actual strength is abundant having rich professional experience. Annual produce is close 1.8 billion euro, employee of transnational corporation whole world 7700.

Finnish timber industry entered Chinese market 1997, it is the trade of foreign timber production that home pursues complete China market the earliest selling a network to build, represent the government of place through China, in order to assure the good after service of site of nearly 30 countrywide sale agents. Rose 2000, we realize people is right of outdoors life yearning with the business chance that popularizes anticorrosive wood in home, run mode to begin anticorrosive wood to design the promotion inside the domain in gardens landscape and building with the market in home above all, take an active part in home to each landscape of big city is designed and build design project, initiated home to use the beginning of anticorrosive wood, make the brand of the first of all inside the industry, ” of “ Finnish wood becomes the pronoun of ” of “ anticorrosive wood. Regard an industry as the pioneer, finnish timber industry assisted lumber of national forestry bureau to protect an institute to establish ” of drafting committee of standard of corrupt of the national defence in “ 2003, become “ China lumber honorary member of managing center ” . As energetically market promotion, the outdoors lumber concept that the “ environmental protection that place of ” of industry of “ Finnish timber advocates uses material ” already drove the revolution of industry of whole and horticultural landscape. Current, the landscape lumber that is in China consumes the market, already formed “ to protect earthly natural resources, decrease use rare tree to plant, the lumber of use environmental protection is anticorrosive the advanced concept that handles ” .
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