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The monitoring of anticorrosive lumber quality needs to rely on tripartite to de
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Year nearly 90, spirit is hale and hearty. Do not have a thing to like to consider the timberwork of Beijing and countrywide each district is built, carry amiss anticorrosive wood only. From owner, offer money square, use time to installation, he records the information that wants to be able to be collected only one by one. Our country has a such truer old gentlemen in anticorrosive timber industry, he calls Guo Huiping, be engaged in lumber all one's life anticorrosive research. Inside course of study, he is by person address sb respectfully “ Guo old ” .
Guo Laoceng is director of lab of lumber of institute of building of railroad of academy of railway ministry science, researcher. The scientific research group that he leads him established a series of anticorrosive equipment and efficient and anticorrosive drug (like PCP, CCA, CKF) , developed the test of circuit laid crosstie of tens of thousands of, publish paper more than 30, for resource of our country lumber reasonable development and managing benefit use as gave important contribution.
Present Guo often has entered a lab no longer, more time are the development direction that paying close attention to and ponders over an industry and the problem that encounter. The lifetime diligence, Guo that respects knowledge often thinks everything wants to talk with data, the age that he says to connect his for fun should arrive accurately decimally hind. In the home of railroad science academy, guo often accepted a reporter interview, for anticorrosive wood applied quality controls a problem to seek solution.
“ does not see anticorrosive wood simple, new product of application and research and development is same, want to respect science. Product application relationship is whole the health of the industry develops, especially quality monitoring, should be relied on above all and develop tripartite to detect the action of the orgnaization, have correct use even at the same time. ” Guo still often emphasizes particularly: The stand or fall of product of “ anticorrosive wood can not see with naked eye. tripartite of ” detects is the domain such as the crosstie that crucial our country's earliest anticorrosive wood uses at railway system and pole, just immerse lumber at that time in anticorrosive oil, such coming out is the black wood that uses everywhere on the railroad that we see. Guo often is told the product quality requirement of the railway ministry has 15 years only at that time, be about to change new crosstie to time. “ we in those days also nobody is specific the accurate life that goes calculating railroad tie, what use decay of happening of 15 years of left and right sides commonly nevertheless is not much. Guo often is returned between conversation some are reluctant to leave in those days those craft are simple durable
Black is anticorrosive crosstie
As the occurrence of cement crosstie and cement pole, its black crosstie mixes the along with of anticorrosive timber industry with onefold utility pole, even these product production companies are forgotten by people for a time. Be in only special domain, go up to still can see the wood of jet-black like the railway bridge with light carring capacity of a few need, and the day that produces a business for the most part also compares a day one day sad. Until go up century after 90 time, product of European anticorrosive wood enters field of engineering of our country timberwork, the spring of anticorrosive wood just comes again.
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