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Lumber is anticorrosive master
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Professional name:

Lumber is anticorrosive master

Professional definition:

Use the professional technology method such as chemistry or physics, to the member that of all kinds lumber undertakes anticorrosive handler.

The main job content that be engaged in:

(1) identify lumber quality order and degree, wait according to lumber breed, norms undertake classified;
(2) identify lumber anticorrosive drug, master use method, the antiseptic that asks by the standard anticorrosive to lumber product is used undertakes deserving to compare;
(3) operation, safeguard lumber anticorrosive processing equipment;
(4) to pressurization processing unit appearance of all sorts of moving equipment, instrument undertakes maintain and be maintaininged commonly;
(5) determine the deepness that anticorrosive drug permeates lumber after anticorrosive processing and drug reservation quantity, quality of anticorrosive to lumber product undertakes assessment; (6) use environment of environment of anticorrosive to lumber processing and product undertakes safeguard and be assessmented, ensure person and environmental safety.

Professional general situation:

Our country begins lumber the research history of anticorrosive respect is long, but make a kind of industry truly, be from railroad tie anticorrosive those who start. Found a state earlier, the country builds extend early or late 8 large lumber that belong to a railway ministry continuously are anticorrosive factory, the lumber that formed independence prevents saprophytic to produce a system, till 2000, railway system accrete produces anticorrosive timber plan 27.28 million stere, managing lumber above of 100 million stere. But, the anticorrosive drug that uses in this period place carries with oil model give priority to, manufacturing technology is simpler. From go up century 80 time, system of Hainan farming cultivate begins to build a factory to undertake preventing to balata wood blue change processing, obtain delectable positive result. Handle balata wood every year 20 much stere, the crop of the goods such as balata wood furniture amounts to several every year, annual produce amounts to dollar of several ten million. Go up oneself century 90 time evening, industry of the our country production that pack develops manufacturing container in succession again anticorrosive wood floor, already reached the scale of production of 100 thousand stere. Enter 21 centuries, as the foreign lumber such as Finnish, United States, New Zealand, Germany anticorrosive product and new-style water carry model wood preservative is entered, a few this years building, gardens develops together with very fast, enterprise of lumber of a few civilian battalion, building materials also builds a factory to change lumber to anticorrosive industry production in succession. Especially recently 5 years, anticorrosive industry company grows our country lumber very fast.

At present countrywide dimensions changes lumber anticorrosive processing plant has many 100, exceed 50 thousand person from personnel of course of study, basically center in the province area such as Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hubei, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Guangxi, because lumber is anticorrosive of drug change, anticorrosive to lumber raised new requirement from personnel of course of study. According to investigation, at present a lot of enterprises, especially civilian battalion small company is engaged in lumber staff member of anticorrosive a gleam of, did not pass systematic major to groom mostly, the knowledge that lacks the respect such as equipment of lumber raw material, anticorrosive drug, processing and skill, integral quality is not high, the professional ability of practitioner remains to rise further.
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