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Foreign lumber is anticorrosive the experience of the industry
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Recently, folk of ministry of managing development center, civil administration organizes lumber after company of much home of management board and home was inspecting the relevant industry of New Zealand and Australia, put forward, china should raise lumber to prevent saprophytic to produce efficiency, assure product quality, must use advanced device, implementation dimensions is changed, automation production; Should realize lumber anticorrosive technology progresses, must take fundamental sex lumber seriously anticorrosive technology research; Should ensure lumber anticorrosive industry health develops, must aggrandizement government orgnaization and the action that the industry organizes; Should alleviate lumber supply and demand is contradictory, implementation forest natural resources can be used continuously, must popularize the application of anticorrosive lumber.
According to investigation group introduction, new Zealand and Australian lumber are anticorrosive processing works, it is to rely on a government mandatory regulation, 2 it is to rely on market appraisal to drive. If use,did not obtain like Australian user examine the anticorrosive lumber product of the mark, be about to assume corresponding legal responsibility. New Zealand and Australian wood preservative and the whole production technological process that anticorrosive lumber produces already realized control of automation, digitlization. Company of timber of abstruse family name has New Zealand product line of automation of 3 wood preservative, all enroll to the catalysis, flow that load coal tub from burden, agitate software system automata, only among them a product line is annual crop amounts to 4 million litres, usually preservative of wood of every 20 hours of producible CCA 1. 60 thousand litres. Library of handkerchief of New Zealand handkerchief pulls lumber anticorrosive factory is built have CCA of / of ACQ / LOSP anticorrosive lumber 3 automation product line, produce per year anticorrosive lumber at present 160 thousand stere. 3 product line that Australia guards company of Ci timber estate to build greatly use system of automation of a computer, from outfit canister, note drug, smoke the whole pressurization such as around vacuum to handle a process to be able to operate control by one person. Two countries pay attention to lumber very much anticorrosive technology basic research, room of analysis of laboratory of the chemical lab that if company of timber of abstruse family name is built,has oneself, physics laboratory, sample preparation room, biology, instrument, deployed large detect equipment, can assure to leave factory product quality, develop new product ceaselessly. Scientific institute is in New Zealand forestry early to began to construct field of test of anticorrosive lumber field 1940, eye forehead divides anticorrosive lumber to bury picket experiment to already exceeded 58 years. Australia also is early begin to develop lumber after World War II ends anticorrosive research, the country is used in environmental protection and anticorrosive lumber wait for a respect to specific legislation sets, wood preservative needs a course to be approved federally.
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