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Head of Chinese Finnish wood market wood preservative
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Wood preservative, but the rise in China ten years time, initially for railway sleepers, coal ties into civilian areas is a matter of recent years. Since 2002, the domestic production of wood preservative, sales volume has remained The upward trend, especially in the past 3 years, the market maintained rapid growth, is widely used wood preservative landscape, residential green, tourist attractions, home decoration and other places. Enterprises in many industries, Finnforest Finland Blue Wood Corporation is the first international companies to enter the Chinese market in the Chinese market and created a precedent for use of outdoor wood preservative, known as China wood preservative industry leads the way, the reporter recently interviewed in the Finnish Wood Corporation State office responsible Lvbo Upgrade product. Reporter: Please tell us about the Finnish Wood company profile. Finnforest: Finland Timber Corporation, the headquarters from Finland, the production bases are concentrated in Finland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, France, more than 20 countries, sales outlets around the world, is Europe's largest timber Industry, production companies, is Metsaliitto Group, the company has a strong and professional experience. Annual production value of nearly 18 billion euros and 7,700 employees worldwide multinational corporations. Reporter: Finnish wood is when entering the Chinese market, when to start the preservation of wood products into the Chinese market? Finnforest: Finland wood to enter the Chinese market in 1997, is the earliest in the whole sales network in China to establish foreign timber producers, through the China office of management to ensure sales of nearly 30 Agents of good after-sales service network. Since 2000, we realized that people are longing for the outdoors and the wood preservative in the country to promote business opportunities, first in the domestic market mode of operation carried out with a wood preservative in the landscape and built The field of architectural design, promotion, and actively participate in major cities in the landscape design and architectural design projects, creating a precedent for domestic use of wood preservative, a leading brand within the industry, "the Finnish wood" as "anti-corrosion Wood, "a synonym. As an industry pioneer, Finland, in 2003, Wood Wood Protection, State Forestry Administration to help set up the" anti-corrosion standards drafting committee of China "and a" timber conservation center in China "honorary members. With strong marketing, "the Finnish Wood" by promoting "green timber," the concept of outdoor timber gardening has led the entire landscape industry revolution. Currently, the landscape timber consumption in China market, has formed a "protection Earth resources, reduce the use of rare species, the use of environmentally friendly wood preservative treatment, "the advanced concepts. Q: Please briefly introduce the Finnish wood industry in creating and maintaining the experience of the domestic sales network. Finnforest: Finland wood in the country to promote the most advanced "4S sales contractor" the idea that dealers from the following study the strength of four points: - Improve sales force and network of Sales - Supporting services: design, construction guidance Service - Finished processing capacity Supplying of complementary products - Depth of the professional market (with market sensitivity and resistance to market competition) Survey To provide additional services picking Fangmian base point, through the sales network and marketing channels, the establishment of production bases from abroad to the domestic market, the timely supply of the whole logistics chain, so that products from the production base through the level " Picking and sales center "works well to reach the final customers and the general consumer. With the advanced mode of operation, Finnforest in the Chinese market, in product sales, product coverage and market awareness, etc. Are among the best. Q: What are your success stories for reference? Finnforest: We are the first in the country in the terminal market of professional services firms in Europe, with a large number of engineering experience. After entering the Chinese market, we have completed many prestigious projects in the case of the industry, such as Shanghai Hongkou stadium bleachers Garden, Shanghai Forest Manor, Shenzhen Vanke East Coast sea, the depths of a large cloud of wood Shenzhen King project, Shanghai Shimao Riviera Garden, Shanghai Tomson Golf Villas, Shanghai Pudong Airport Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area.