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Yan-day blitz by the market Liwei Sa wood preservative
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According to industry experts, the current wood preservative market selling mainly in Finland Visa wood preservative. Finland Visa wood preservative process set by the European tradition of modern technology, advanced processing, also known as the European standard. Shenzhen Yan Tin Lai Industrial Co., Ltd. is the first wood preservative to provide imported Visa and other wood products, one of the pioneer. It is understood, welcomed the day Liwei Sa wood preservative by the Finnish company UPM, imported, is dedicated to you to create the Nordic style. It is understood that processing technology than domestic wood preservative, wood preservative Finland Visa has three different aspects. First, in the processing procedure, processing of wood preservative in Finland, there are strict, complete, mature technology program; Secondly, Finland Visa wood preservative used is environmentally friendly ACQ preservatives. In addition, Finland Visa preservative ACQ wood preservative content is 19kg / sq m, making preservative by vacuum pressure to fully penetrate into the sapwood, which greatly improved the corrosion resistance of wood.