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Materials Selection Guide: balcony can also use the best wood preservative on
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The focus has been on home improvement in the indoor and outdoor decoration easily be overlooked, especially in outdoor balcony. Some people a little more meticulous and will select some covered with colorful tiles, but in any case, brick gives the feeling too cold, stripped comfortable. In fact, there is another choice, but also covered the floor to the balcony. Outdoor wood preservative, in creating a warm home atmosphere, and much better than the floor tiles to be. The key is to look at preservatives After processing of wood preservative preservatives, and preservatives are harmful to the human body, to choose what kind of preservatives in processing only relatively safe, these consumers are most concerned about is probably the problem. Early wood preservative is used in CCA-C, B wood preservatives, preservative although some toxicity, but due to outdoor use only, so less harmful. Today, there have been ACQ-D, C, B wood preservatives, the preservative through the wood preservative process, through environmental standards, and its toxicity greatly reduced, we can be assured purchase. The advantages of wood preservative is: "corrosion, moth." As the name implies, of course, wood preservative with antiseptic effect, so more land will be used as decking material. Preservative wood flooring can be effective in preventing the erosion of microorganisms, but also to prevent the insects, while waterproof, corrosion, it can withstand the relatively harsh environment outdoors, do not bother to care. However, as a wood preservative for outdoor use, its own thermal expansion and contraction without special control, the more severe deformation. Preservative in the wood floor laying, when the gap is usually left on the floor need to be made, and the same as the one being hollow rack up, you can always open for easy cleaning or pick up something dropped. Preservative wood floor is one of the main use of wood preservative, in addition to wood preservative can also be used to make into other outdoor supplies. Such as tables and chairs, swing, vintage, or even wooden, as if we are abroad, as often seen in home gardens. Today, the country will also have more and more people moved into the villa, set in some of their yard furniture, wood preservative, may well be a delight. Preservative for wood furniture price is not expensive, and the general furniture of the same. Although it may look a bit rough, but more in line close to the natural style. However, wood preservative preservative will be undermined because the cut? This is not worried about the relationship because of its processing technology, no matter how Bainong, its corrosion resistance is not affected. Tips to buy wood preservative The price of wood preservative is not cheap, because it itself is solid wood, so it's priced around 110 yuan per square meter. Although not cheap, but the average family size is not large balcony, but also acceptable, compared to an ordinary solid wood floors, it is relatively cheap. Selection of wood preservative, but also choose a brand, more formal products, so as to quality and environmental protection is guaranteed. Currently, to pick excellent quality wood preservative, or should the famous large building materials market to buy. Available three decades of a loaded Outdoor wood preservative can withstand wind and sun have long life, and its machining processes. Wood preservative is how to make out? Simply put, that is, wood is processed through the pressure of corrosion in sealed cans, with a vacuum pressure to press into the wood preservative within the wood preservative penetration into the tissue cells, can work closely with wood fiber Combination to achieve the purpose of preservation. In order to effectively enter the wood preservatives, wood itself has been a special screening. Such as Scots pine and other wood preservatives can be closely integrated to achieve the effect, the use of a longer period of up to three years Years.