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Equipment of test of high low temperature
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Casing structure characteristic:
The bravery inside casing uses an entrance advanced stainless steel (SUS304) lens face plate, the bravery outside casing introduces model of A3 spring in season, increased the exterior to pledge feeling and clean are spent completely.
Large observation window adds floodlight to carry case inside bright, and use pattern is set inside calorific body toughened glass, at any time the state inside clear observation case.
Casing is left the test aperture that matchs diametical 50mm, test power supply cord or line are received to use outside can be being offerred.

Temperature control uses complete entrance to feel touch-tone appearance, operation set is simple.
After data and experiment condition are inputted, controller has a lock to decide a function, avoid factitious feeling and change temperature to be worth.
Have the function of P.I.D automatic figure, can amend temperature change requirement instantly, make temperature controls more accurate stability.
Optional match printer.

Refrigerant the road that reach wind circulatory system:
Refrigeration machine uses France to install “ peaceful formerly health compressor of ” whole sealing.
Refrigerant system uses unit or design of system of return of binary type low temperature.
Use blower of much ala type puissant loop sending wind, avoid any blind angle, can make check the temperature inside area to distributing even.
Wind route goes wind to answer wind design circularly, wind pressure, wind speed all accords with test standard, can make open the door instantaneous temperature returns firm time fast.
Warm up, drop in temperature, the system can improve efficiency completely independently, reduce test cost, increase longevity, bring down fault rate.

Accord with a standard:
GB/T2423.1-2001 GB/T2423.2-2001

Model GDW-100 GDW-225 GDW-500 GDW-800 GDW-010
Atelier dimension D×W×H 450×450×500 500×600×750 800×700×900 800×1000×1000 1000×1000×1000
Temperature limits A:-130 ℃ of 20 ℃ ~ B:-130 ℃ of 40 ℃ ~ C:-130 ℃ of 60 ℃ ~ D:-130 ℃ of 70 ℃ ~
Fluctuant / / of uniformity ≤±0.5 ℃ . 2 ℃ - 3 ℃
Heating up time - 100 ℃ of 20 ℃ ~ make an appointment with 100 ℃ of ~ of 35min -40 ℃ to make an appointment with 100 ℃ of ~ of 45min -70 ℃ to make an appointment with 55min
Drop in temperature time 25 ℃ ~ - 40 ℃ make an appointment with ~ of 50min 25 ℃ - 60 ℃ make an appointment with ~ of 65min 25 ℃ - 70 ℃ make an appointment with 80min
Controller imports LED number to show P, I, D S, S, R. Microcomputer is compositive controller
Precision range given accuracy: Temperature ±0.1 ℃ , indicate precision: Temperature ±0.1 ℃ , resolution: ±0.1 ℃
Sensor of temperature and humidity is platinic golden resistor PT100Ω/MV
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