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Situation of Italian woodworker manufacturing industry is valued
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Italy: Italian woodworker and Acimall of cutting tool Manufacturers Association are released, 2006 Italian woodworker production value 1.8 billion euro, export 1.5 billion euro, in a year, sale grew 18% , near the record that created 2000, expect 2007 1 quarter, growth trend will continue. The main sale ground of Italian woodworker tradition (Spain, France, Germany, United States and Canada) remain main customer, and the biggest to contribution of sales volume growth is the market in great progress, be like hamster (Russia and Wukelan are banner) , chief of a tribe of couplet of Balkan country, Turkey, middle east, A and India. South-American sales volume won't grow very fast, because import tax is higher, face the competition of many place product. Chinese mainland market has sex of very big challenge. Local product price is very low, have the competition that comes from Germany, Japan and Chinese Taiwan area, these competitor already established a manufacturer in place. (Guan Ning)