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Appraisal of anticorrosive wood character
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Besides the lumber with natural and anticorrosive minority, the wood that handles vacuum pressurization inside course of study at present says for anticorrosive wood, can amount to 20-50 in the service life below environment year; Other means is brushed like besmear, immerse wait to belong to take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, cannot achieve truly anticorrosive goal; Divisional method: After the wood that pressurization handles curiums, alburnum part antiseptic can permeate 85 % above (but it is more difficult that oily material and duramen are permeated) ; Not pressurization processing is brushed like besmear, immerse, antiseptic is met only float is in in lumber surface, curium lumber instinctive quality can appear inside bring up the rear; ACQ pressurization lumber shows reseda, CCA pressurization lumber shows celadon.

Because domestic anticorrosive timber is to attribute burgeoning trade, still not be very normative at present, very much factory is chosen basically on select material not the plank of stoving (exceed 30 % above when moisture content, so pressurization permeates the effect not apparent) , it is to accelerate production periodic, 2 it is to expect secretly reduce cost; Because delivery time is short,still have a few users, go after low blindly, caused a few workses to cater to this kind of client jerry, simplify pull current Cheng, brash delivery, anticorrosive and immanent quality cannot get safeguard not to say, the exterior after construction can appear even serious craze, warp, measure is narrow phenomenon; Low whether achieve a good quality, basically look at 2 o'clock: 1, whether sufficient feet (the bad phenomenon that appeared to there is ability of ligneous plank market to appear only in home in anticorrosive timber industry now - that is not worth feet namely, if 20MM calculates 21MM, 92MM calculates 95MM to appear even 45MM×95MM calculates 50MM×100MM, disturbed badly market order, when so consumer is bought must sharpen one's eyes, not by becloud of alleged low place. 2, before vacuum pressurization whether stoving 20 % are the following, without stoving hard to avoid conference occurrence measure is not worth, pressurization permeability is low, allow phenomenon of changeful form craze.