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Anticorrosive processing and its check mark discuss real wood floor definitely
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1 make real wood floor board the principal port of anticorrosive processing standard

Real wood floor is one of essential forest products that our country building decorates a domain. Old since, real wood floor returns to natural concept distinctly with its, get the favour of consumer, become our country indoor a kind of main area in decorating decorates material. The rapid growth as our country economy and 2008 of the Olympic Games be about to hold, demand of architectural of stadium house, office building, office building, residence increases substantially. According to building ministry material, during 15 ” of “ , annual building adornment is decorated make an appointment with 70 million M3 with lumber. Undoubted, to real wood the demand of the floor also will increase substantially.

Our country is little forest country, as natural forest material decrease with each passing day, of real wood floor be sure to change artificial forest to material stage by stage with material. National construction ministry releases " the announcement that washs out backward product about be in residential building " the file points out “ rises from June 1, 2000 clearly, the middle reaches on the Yangtse River of the taboo in the residence, Yellow River is built to wait in town natural forest groove guard, natural and precious tree plants the natural Linji of area of zoology construction project lumber produces door window, floor board for raw material. Use fast window of door of production of timber of forest of unripe high yield, floor wants a course to raise ” of its service life at processing of dry, anticorrosive, insect-resistant, moistureproof, flame retardant, modified.

As a result of material of forest of fast stranger labour often material is qualitative poorer, protruding of with each passing day of blemish of easy decayed moth-eaten shows, although pass the technical reformation that undertakes machining craft to its, can change a few blemish, but the effect with thoroughly anticorrosive and insect-resistant short of. Be about to improve performance of real wood floor, prolong service life of real wood floor, still need pair of artificial forest land board the product undertakes anticorrosive processing.

Current and indoor many woodiness data is used in decorating, often a variety of lumber without anticorrosive processing mix use case (if laid is solid,wooden keel) is used when wooden floor, such meetings make different lumber suffers each other original harm biologic is invaded interactively catch, cause degenerate badly bug eat by moth. According to recent market research, because use the floor board that did not have defending handling and keel, create a floor board harm of decayed bug eat by moth, had produced issue many cases, make manufacturer, user suffers a loss, increase trouble. When making a system of fixed quotas for grain production taste anticorrosive processing standard, answer to consider this kind of issue to go in. Current, already a few manufacturer realize this problem, ask keel of pair of real wood floors, wood undertakes anticorrosive processing consequently, production is had anticorrosive and insect-resistant gas defence product of series of real wood floor. The enterprise still can pass the anticorrosive processing of bone of this kind of pair of real wood floors, Mu Long to make the product changes.
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