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The advantage that exceeds real wood of real wood floor and aggrandizement is un
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Close paragraph since time, market of domestic and international building materials appeared at the same time almost the floor of a kind of characteristic photograph confluence aggrandizement floor and real wood floor tastes ——— newly to exceed real wood floor. So is exceeding real wood floor after all how “ exceeds ” real wood? Do its produce character to measure whether also the good and bad are intermingled? Large-scale follow suit does the travel walking that can the appearance that makes a holiday make the home of this one new product appears on the market stagger?

Have real wood advantage

Taking these question, the reporter visited the personage inside a few course of study and partial customer. Grand be able to bear or endure Zhang Yan of general manager of group market department tells a reporter, the concept that exceeds real wood originates real wood floor, surmount real wood again however, it has a lot of advantages of real wood floor, norms dimension and real wood similar, grain of design and color is distinct, be in harmony was met of aggrandizement floor easy do, fight bacterium, moistureproof and apply to the special function such as the heat of the earth's interior, because this is sure to become a of real wood floor strong competitor, floor of embezzle real wood comparatives share of one share market.

As we have learned this kind exceeded real wood floor to resolve the weakness that real wood floor does changeful form, not easily well, absorbed the character such as the wear-resisting of aggrandizement floor, environmental protection again. Because the exterior of floor of collect real wood is natural feeling of this true, foot is cozy, of aggrandizement floor fight bacterium mouldproof of the function become greatly, together with has extremely high gender price to compare, your a lot of medium income person become really interested.

Raw material is supplied without care

Besides, exceed real wood floor to be not had in raw material respect supply deficient and the pressure that rise in price.

As we have learned, because the silvan natural resources of our country comparatives,short, had begun to carry out a few years ago natural forest protective project, raw material of real wood floor is encountering supply bottleneck. And exceed real wood floor to do not have this kind of trouble back at home. Exceeding real wood floor above all is to use a person to be versed in fast Shenglinjia is versed in, much with fast unripe poplar deal is given priority to, shape 15 years, forest land divides those who be 15 above to grow an area commonly, can divide a part so every year to shape fast fell trees of travel of unripe Lin Jin, accord with policy of national environmental protection, the country is advocated actively. Real wood floor is pure natural forest, cultivate a few years even age longer large tree ability produces real wood floor board. The country restricts fell trees all the time, because this is support entrance partly greatly very, a large number of capital emerge to abroad, to zoology and the development henceforth not be one grows for a long time plan, as in recent years rise in price suffer numerous also drop off, and exceed real wood floor fast unripe forest develop pattern, the country supports all the time. The high density that it uses spends base material, the department is cut via dig skin piece clean finish machining and become, resource utilization rate is high, won't cause to the environment destroy.
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