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Installation of anticorrosive wood product and maintain note
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Fixed shop tries: Anticorrosive keel is fixed go up in the ground, expand material of nylon of Luo silk application is qualitative (it is better to fight ageing) if expand with iron,be in charge of should besmear beforehand brush antirust paint.

Mobile shop tries: Anticorrosive keel is discharged first in ground make level, can make frame structure, use screw of stainless steel cross to join anticorrosive wood and keel next; Or secure with anticorrosive keel and anticorrosive wood opposite, a few are combined, mosaic both neither of a whole destroys area structure, also can disassemble freely clean.

The processing of ◆ timberwork basic level: Deciduous leaf pine, Huang Sha, fir is able to bear or endure because of its corrupt, be able to bear or endure ability in swimming is strong, do project of ground surface contact aptly quite, but the airiness between lumber and ground should maintain adequately in designing construction, do anticorrosive processing even and besmear brushs tung-oil or special lumber protects coating, in order to prolong the life of timberwork basic level.

Need to stay between ◆ anticorrosive Mu Zhi 0.2 - the aperture of 1cm, can avoid wet seeper;

◆ hardware applied stainless steel, galvanizing or coppery (basically avoid to rust in the future corrode lumber and affect join prison to spend) when join is installed, ask beforehand bore, in order to avoid lumber craze.
◆ uses existing dimension and figure as far as possible, treatment should besmear partly brush antiseptic / outdoors protection coating; Because anticorrosive wood itself is semi-manufactured goods, coarse part can use burnish of fine sand paper after the shop is over (avoid uses) of burnish of thick sand paper.

If ◆ needs those who brush outdoors protection paint to besmear, the surface should maintain clean reach dry hind besmear again brush outdoors protection paint, answer like colored protective coating sufficient agitate divide evenly, prohibit add any thinner. If encounter pluvial snow weather, had better cover with plastic cloth first, outdoors protection paint is brushed again after waiting for Tian Qing. Note: A person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of 24 hours after besmear is brushed avoids pluvial snow. Zero avoids besmear to brush protective paint below.

Coating is protected outside ◆ surface user or oil radical kind after coating besmear is brushed (need only) to achieve optimal result, personnel avoids to ambulate inside 48 hours or the clog is mobile, the diaphragm that lest destroy lumber facing,already formed. If want to obtain more exceedingly good prevent dirty effect, when necessary two varnish handle facing redo.
◆ issues used characteristic as a result of outdoors environment, lumber is meeting occurrence crackle, subtle be out of shape, belong to normal phenomenon, do not affect its anticorrosive function and structural intensity.
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