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Anticorrosive lumber builds the character of material as the city
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Material is natural biology material, have perishable, easy eat by moth and crack easily wait for defect, endanger most very serious is biologic degenerates with insect pest. They use a process to all can cause a harm in treatment, the biology such as Yi Shouzhen bacterium, bug endangers the woodiness products facilities that shows angel to use especially and by eat by moth corrode or decayed, lose again use value to cause significant pecuniary loss, anticorrosive lumber overcame its limitation, have the following advantage:

1, best sex

At present the anticorrosive lumber of exterior of CCA, ACQ shows wooden scene, show viridescence slightly, the city that can make various beautiful Lun Meihuan builds wood, what use anticorrosive lumber to make in construction of landscape of village of urban park, estate, city is ligneous a plank road built along a cliff of Bian Mu of pavilion of stage of booth of little bridge, wood, wood, water, wood surrounds archives, flower groove, outdoors sit chair, adorn urban construction, make a person sweet, implementation letting a person returns to the dream of nature, anticorrosive lumber has best sex;

2, endurance

Process of anticorrosive lumber processing is to pass vacuum pressurization, the oxide antiseptic with efficient application enters lumber to organize a cell inside, organize union with its cell cheek by jowl. Below this condition, drug dissolves no longer at water, release no longer, this makes although anticorrosive lumber is exposed also have in extremely harsh environment anticorrosive, insect-resistant, prevent formic endurance;

3, clean sex

Anticorrosive lumber does not read aloud oil, without odour, and antiseptic won't separate out, won't pollute surroundings, it is the lumber of decorate of beautiful safety, clean room inside and outside;

4, easy installation

Construction of modelling of anticorrosive lumber facilitating machining is light, installation is rapid and safeguard convenient, also can use all traditional carpentry coating, with respect to its service life character, it is OK also to do not use surface layer coating, it is a kind of kind natural beauty more, construction cycle is short, removability is strong. Construction suffers weather variation to affect not quite, cost risk is corresponding less. Industry of our country anticorrosive timber already began to enter grow quickly period, we also hope to build gardens to design an unit, carry out strictly " timberwork design is normative " , construction project quality supervises a department, also want to strengthen quality of building wood construction to supervise, for anticorrosive wood the wide application in building park creates good atmosphere, those who make anticorrosive Mu Zhen is making timber structure of gardens of our country building is new bestow favor on.