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The material qualitative sort of anticorrosive wood
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Anticorrosive lumber is to use pressurization principle, put norms capable person pressure kettle, infuse wood preservative, pass vacuum pressurization, make wood preservative is permeated to lumber lining, again vacuum pump water gives coal tub dry and into. Its anti-corrosive properties can be advantageous, lumber of can abiding protection, prolong the use life of lumber. In Euramerican wait for a country, law stipulates outdoors lumber must use anticorrosive wood compulsively. The market price of anticorrosive lumber differs according to the breed of lumber and have distinction.

One, anticorrosive lumber is phyletic

1, boreal Europe Japanese red pine

The European Japanese red pine with excellent quality, after passing special and anticorrosive processing, have anticorrosive sodden, prevent the termite, effect that prevents fungus. Use technically at outdoors environment, and can be used in the environment that contacts with water system, soil directly, it is outdoors gardens etc of body of wooden floor, crawl, bridge, a plank road built along a cliff is ligneous in landscape the first selection material of essay.

2, Russia camphor tree child loose

Russia camphor tree child the pine can use high pressure to permeate a law to make entire section directly anticorrosive processing, its excellent mechanical performance and beautiful grain are recommended by stylist and engineer place. Russia camphor tree child range of application of loose anticorrosive material is extremely wide, corridor of pavilion of stage of platform of courtyard of wooden a plank road built along a cliff, booth, booth, waterside pavilion, flower wears game of dock of paling, footpath, children area, beautiful stage, dustbin, outdoors furniture and environment of the environment outdoor, close water and indoor, outside the project such as the structure all can be used. As a result of its distinctive anticorrosive technology, all construction work can be saved for a long time.

3, western Gong Xuesong

Gong Xuesong is the anticorrosive lumber with North America highest grade western. Its remarkable anticorrosive ability originates the alcohol of a kind of when grow naturally Thujaplicins that be called kind material; Gong Xuesong is additionally medium can be ensured by the acidity material of a extractive kind of Thujic that be called lumber is not eroded by the insect, need not redo is artificial and anticorrosive handle with pressure. Red cedar stability is admirable, service life is long, be out of shape not easily. Additionally it also applies to the environment of high humidity, for example sauna room, bathroom and kitchen, use at making ambry, chest wait to be able to prevent cockroach, borer. Because Gong Xuesong did not make chemical processing and simple crude character, deeply welcome in global market.

4, Huang Song (southern pine)

Huang Song (southern pine) its intensity and proportion are best, have the superior power that grasp a hammer, it is intensity is highest western cork. The course is anticorrosive the Huang Sha that handles with pressure, antiseptic can arrive directly at Mu Xin. OK in installing a process aleatoric cut, section need not brush preservative coating again. The product can be used in seawater or river water, won't corrode absolutely.
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