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Char is anticorrosive wooden knowledge
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Anticorrosive wood applies char namely the technology that high temperature has coessential char to lumber, make lumber was had certain anticorrosive the action that reachs antibiosis content to invade. In the meantime, the wood that handles through char still has following advantage:

◆ is anticorrosive sodden, fight termite, apply to outdoors
◆ material is stabilized character, be out of shape very not easily
◆ does not have special odour, also can use at indoor
◆ is completely defatted processing, tu Bu is convenient
◆ is not easy and bibulous, moisture content is very low

◆ passes char processing, lumber surface colour and lustre is even, very beautiful.
The temperature when ◆ char is higher, exterior color is deeper.
◆ by dig light hind, lumber surface extensive gives a kind of downy silk qualitative luster, grain becomes clearer and visible.
◆ feeling feels very comfortable.


◆ is anticorrosive, can resist of harsh environment erode, compare with other lumber photograph, in the environment of identical moisture, bright rub char wood more
For abiding and durable.
Content of fat of the lumber after ◆ is handled is dinky, facilitating surface chromatically is handled.

Environmental protection

◆ its raw material has choose and be gettinged according to the principle that forestry can develop continuously.
◆ involves temperature and vapour only because of the manufacturing process of the product, do not add any chemical drug.
Outside the material that ◆ contains besides lumber itself place, any other material also won't be added in whole production process.
Any effects won't be caused to the environment when ◆ product is used, can use at indoor.


Wall body is decorated
Use bright rub char wood is achieved extremely easily marked, elegant integral effect, even if longish board is out of shape not easily also, board and metope are accordingly close together joint, uniform, very beautiful.

Occupy a floor
Use bright rub the floor board that char wood produces is more absorbing, more warm house home feels. Processing hind ensured lumber is out of shape not easily, material is stabilized character, the floor that so production comes out is more stable also, at the same time floor also won't because of be out of shape and produce rift. In the meantime, in the place of warmer moisture, char wood floor is more more admirable than the function of floor of general and common wood.

Sauna room reachs a shower room
Bright rub content of the colophony after char wood high temperature is handled is small, and bring down thermal conductivity, the interior that so these character make its make ideal sauna room uses material, be like: Pew, board, face plate.
With other the lumber surface appearance that did not handle through char is compared, the exterior feeling of char wood does not roast meat hand, also won't issue oozy colophony in high temperature.
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