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Wood preservative knowledge (the distinction of CCA of anticorrosive processing
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Current, the current has anticorrosive processing to lumber main method on international is: Use antiseptic of a kind of unfavorable and deliquescent ability in swimming, apply to lumber inside airtight vacuum canister pressure while, infiltrate antiseptic lumber fiber. Through the lumber after pressure is handled, stability is stronger, antiseptic prevents mould, termite and insect effectively the enroach on to lumber. The lumber that makes pass processing thereby has outdoors the uses for a long time outstanding anticorrosive property below harsh environment.

Came 30 years in the past, the method of anticorrosive processing basically is given priority to with CCA. Its are main chemical composition changes arsenic acerbity copper for chromium (Chromated Copper Aarsenate) , its cleanness, without smelly, handle the lumber surface after to be able to go up lacquer. It is the established effective anticorrosive processing technique on the world. But, in recent years North America area discovers partial crowd has slight and allergic report to CCA, already set for this United States allow to use no longer (exclusion is used in industry and building foundation respect) ; Canada also implements similar code at be being promulgated by 2003, prohibit be opposite thoroughly human body has osculatory respect to use.

Current, the ACQ of anticorrosive processing technique of another kind of emerge as the times require begins to replace CCA gradually, make the main trend of the market. ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) main and chemical composition is compound of alkyl copper ammonium. It does not contain the poisonous and chemical material such as arsenic, chromic, arsenic, do not have bad influence to the environment, and won't cause a harm to person cultivate fish and plant. This kind of processing technique is using pair of human body safety to go up than CCA much better, now by arrange of American environmental protection (EPA) approbate the lumber with the most effective environmental protection on bound of the preexistence that it is eye anticorrosive processing technique, popularize extensively in North America and European area. But CCA tower above is compared on cost in the ACQ on anticorrosive processing technique nearly 20 % .
From at present home market looks, the anticorrosive lumber of these two kinds of processing techniques should be met concomitant period of time. But from long-term go up seeing ACQ anticorrosive processing will be prospective development trend.

Early a century when 70 time, had appeared anticorrosive lumber, people just is used in the method of antiseptic of the besmear on lumber in those days, will achieve the result with anticorrosive lumber thereby. The anticorrosive lumber that we carry now, be lumber park in the container of a high pressure, take out the air in lumber, press antiseptic deeply into the cell of lumber

Why to want to use anticorrosive wood

Suffer easily without the lumber of anticorrosive processing, wood now bug is invaded and decay, and in lumber and soil or there perhaps can be continuance only when be being contacted with water 1 - life of 4 years. And the lumber that passes anticorrosive processing not only specious, and firm, weight light, processability can be strong, and be below normal maintenance can achieve 50 years, the whole world can save tree of billions of individual plant every year. And anticorrosive wood or a kind of housing materials of environmental protection.
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