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The character of bamboo and anticorrosive technology
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Our country bamboo is resourceful, bamboo is known as natural resources of the 2nd forest, be lumber is important replace data. But because bamboo compares general lumber to contain more nurture,pledge, produce decayed, mildew very easily below the condition of warm moisture to change consequently with bug eat by moth, shortened service life. Research the decayed character of bamboo and anticorrosive technology, to using bamboo resource reasonably, efficiently, alleviate contradiction of lumber supply and demand has very important sense.

Bamboo resource state

The bamboo of the whole world kind exceed 75 to belong to 1 250 to plant, bamboo forest area is 2 200 about 10 thousand Hm2. Our country bamboo is resourceful, mutual bamboo kind 39 belong to, 500 a variety of, basically distributing in Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangdong, Anhui, Guangxi, Hubei, Yunnan, Jiangsu 12 are saved (area) 167 counties (city) , the L / that the Zhu Lin area of our country occupies area of whole world Zhu Lin about 4, occupy the 2.84 % of countrywide forest area. Accordingly, development uses bamboo resource, to alleviating supply and demand of our country lumber contradicts, promote the formation of forestry industrialization further, have reality and long-term sense.

Of bamboo anticorrosive

Bamboo grows fast, yield is high, become a useful person early, use is extensive. Compare with lumber photograph, bamboo has certain distinction again on structure and property, behave the intensity in bamboo tall, tenacity good, hardness is big, its main mechanical function but with good broadleaf tree material photograph is rivalled, have wide development application perspective as engineering construction material. But, bamboo contains more nutrient material, among them protein content is 1. 5 % ~ 6. Saccharide of 0 % , dissolubility is 2 % , starch about kind for 2. 02 % ~ 5. 18 % , adipose with waxiness kind for 2. 18 % ~ 3. 55 % , when bamboo and bamboo goods are saved below the ambient conditions in warm moisture and be being used produce decayed, mildew very easily to change with bug eat by moth, accordingly, the anticorrosive processing of bamboo appears more important.

The anticorrosive processing of bamboo draws lessons from the anticorrosive processing technique of lumber mostly, however, because the dissection of bamboo and lumber is tectonic presence is very large difference, accordingly, cannot cover timbered mechanically anticorrosive processing technique.

The dissection of bamboo property and can handle a gender

The dissection of bamboo the characteristic that the feature has its oneself, organization of the cell between its section is all and fore-and-aft arrange, unlike lumber has the thin wall cell that radial distributings and ray cell in that way, accordingly, inorganic agent and moisture cannot infiltration of edge ray direction. After culm is mature, because qualitative deposit reachs jelly,invade those who fill form to accumulate, conduit and sieve tube are had again scarcely transverse osmotic. The surface of bamboo is enclothing the hard layer that contains a lot ofsilicon and waxiness, so antiseptic hard from radial infiltration. As a result of the difference of afore-mentioned structures, bamboo is more unmanageable than lumber. From fore-and-aft look, the organization of bamboo is by thin wall cell and vascular bundle (fiber of tracheal He Houbi) composition, the conduit of end to end makes fore-and-aft flow very rapid in fresh bamboo. But vascular bundle distributings in bamboo stalk inhomogenous, the periphery part vascular bundle in bamboo stalk is small and much, centrally part vascular bundle is big and little. Further from conduit, osmotic level is lower also, this one character causes the inhomogenous sex that antiseptic distributings in bamboo again. Conduit occupies the 10 % of bamboo stalk bulk only, the ability that so antiseptic permeates the other all round conduit to organize is very weak. The thin wall organization that antiseptic did not infiltrate becomes fungus extremely easily inchoate the breach that invade.
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