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Deal is anticorrosive wood
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Cultivate kind of brief introduction

American south is loose by grow in American south 4 kinds of trees are planted group (pine of come into leaf, short Xie Song, wet pine and torch are loose) composition, its geography grows range is wide, arrive all the time from the Texas Buddha auspicious Ni Yazhou. American southern pine is planted attribute material qualitative strength the tall, ability that defy a turn the outstanding, power that grasp a hammer is strong, tall wear-resisting, durable function good, grain is beautiful, make use one of lumber of most appearance. As a result of its special cell is arranged, antiseptic can amount to duramen to become pressurization the tree plants the first selection ideal of anticorrosive processing. The capability that American south pine accepts high pressure to note person antiseptic drug is high, its height is osmotic make southern pine can be avoided endanger at moisture, decayed, termite and marine biologic, anticorrosive ability can maintain 50 years.

Boreal Europe Japanese red pine (Finnish, Germany, Sweden) the Finland of the Na Weiya peninsula that is located in boreal Ou Sikan, it is optimal of boreal Europe Japanese red pine grows the ground. Because growth period grows and boreal Europe Japanese red pine has slender and forceful, woodiness the trait with artistic clarity of grain of close together Jiang Ren, wood. Low colophony of boreal Europe Japanese red pine and poriferous structural characteristic, very comfortable handle at anticorrosive macerate, strong it has osmotic boreal Europe Japanese red pine fight fungus, anticorrosive the sodden, extraordinary ability that prevents termite, special apply to outdoors environment to use, it is the most welcome anticorrosive lumber on European market, be used at outdoors gardens landscape to mix widely industrial material.

Scale is loose: Originate in Russia; Lumber shows shallow Huang Huo erubescent, the structure is even, grain is straight beautiful, luster, material is qualitative softer, it is good that intensity fights concussion, low colophony, clarity of grain of the surface after anticorrosive processing, beautiful, color is emerald green, well-balanced have outward appearance of anticorrosive deal optimal.

Camphor tree child loose: The microgroove camphor tree of Russia child loose, because colophony is little, grain is exquisite, beautiful, material qualitative intensity is high, the wearability that defy a turn is good, become one of lumber with maximum use, because its are resourceful the price is low, material is next to boreal Europe Japanese red pine character, become our country to build the first selection lumber of landscape.

Pine: It is our country southwest the tree with most important highland is planted, heart alburnum distinction is clear, in the structure thick, in deal density is high, hardness wearability is good, be ideal is anticorrosive with one of material.