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Layer accumulating plywood is anticorrosive handle a technology
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Lumber layer accumulates plywood is with adhesive will small block joins together, make a process of chunk board. Most lumber comparatives below their natural condition easily can by agglutinate. When lumber is handled through antiseptic, total meeting forms layer of a surface, the likelihood is applied to place

Used adhesive can be not allowed completely, bring about whole or agglutinate line of the part fails. Antiseptic processing may change lumber face, prevent adhesive to enter lumber inside, perhaps act well with chemical content, and affect the character of adhesive, cause half-baked caky and cause division of agglutination layer in advance.

Accordingly, in any agglutinate operations, the element that needs a consideration is:

1, wood should be dry to proper moisture content (as a guideline, plank: 10-12 % , chip: 6 % ) . However, should seek advice from adhesive manufacturer to concern those who be used at the moisture content below specific situation to suit limits;

2, agglutinate surface must clean, the surface that and more appropriate is firm is machined. The oxidation of the dust that any accumulating and agglutinate surface may affect connective quality;

3, adhesive must mix correctly (what according to manufacturer recommends) , want even ground use at the same time;

4, the pressure of joint must enough, retain truly the intimate contact that comparative;

5, pressure must be maintained have enough strength till felt place, when block is being operated, can part in order to prevent;

6, must allow enough adjustment conditional period, let adhesive generate high strength before product application; Maintain workshop or agglutinate environment as far as possible clean.

To the wood that antiseptic handles, outside the element that alludes besides above place, the preparative work of lumber surface must consider. Be like cupreous chromic arsenic with water-solubility antiseptic (the wood that CCA) handles must dry the moisture content that uses a room to hang on place (as the guideline, the moisture content of plank must about 15 to 20 % , and chip must more appropriate it is under 10 % ) . The limits of these moisture content looks the limits that does not have processing lumber place to recommend than above alludes it seems that is a bit tall. There can be chemical content to pile up normally when the wood that handles with water-solubility antiseptic depends on dry in its apparently, the agglutinate that causes lumber makes a person vexed particularly, and the likelihood brings about not complete agglutination. Dig drops the deposit on linked list face to may improve connective quality. In addition, after plane instantly agglutinate will achieve better join result. Be like antiseptic of light organic solution with organic solution antiseptic (the wood that LOSP) handles, if store,fall in ventilated environment, uses solution can evaporate very quickly normally. Agglutinate operation just must begin after lumber surface is completely dry. Have perfect link to ensure, before employ adhesive, make to linked list face a little plane or sand milling are worth to recommend. For love or money, before regarding commerce as utility, had better be the level with appropriate basis, build processing or unsettled lumber former piece join integrality.
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