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Current situation of anticorrosive research and development reachs lumber and lu
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Lumber is anticorrosive handle what can raise lumber to fight bacterium insect-resistant wait for function, it is managing lumber resource, raise the lumber utilization rate, important way that adds lumber product function. The wood service life after anticorrosive processing is the 5~6 without processing times. To 2010, if be opposite our country building, decorate reach manufacturing maintenance to wait those who use material 10% make anticorrosive processing, annual but managing lumber 36 million M3, visible lumber is anticorrosive it is very big to the managing lumber resource, latent capacity that solves lumber supply and demand to contradict.

Man-made board production is to alleviate the efficient way of lumber resource scarcity. After entering 21 centuries, the whole world is annual consumption is controlled in 100 million M3. Our country man-made board year consumption already achieved 10.2 million M3. The growth of plywood consumption is sure to drive the development of lumber adhesive. To solve the problem of volatile toxic gas in lumber adhesive, reduce the dependence of pair of petrifaction resource, of all kinds give birth to corporeal radical without formaldehyde lumber gooey base be gotten on by turn back schedule. Give birth to adhesive of corporeal radical lumber to contain a lot ofall sorts of nutrient, extremely easy by microbial infection, anticorrosive issue is particularly so outstanding also.

1 lumber is anticorrosive

The main harm bacterium that 1.1 lumber corrupt solves reachs anticorrosive mechanism

Bring about lumber biology corrupt to solve (degenerative) the element is very much, among them condition of ministry of substandard of temperature, moisture, air is most fundamental. Not only wet lumber is in keep in storage, treatment, carriage process is medium easy happening to become angry, eat by moth of decayed, bug, dry the lumber after also can produce eat by moth of decayed, bug in use process, bring about wood (window of furniture, door, floor) with timberwork (beam, bridge floor, stair, protect column) and pole, crosstie, stake the service life that wait shortens. Basically harm fungus: Cent of bacterium of lumber corrupt solution is blue change bacterium and wooden corrupt bacterium 2 kinds, latter includes white corrupt bacterium, brown corrupt bacterium, soft corrupt bacterium to wait. The most commonly used method that prevents lumber to degenerate is chemical drug asepsis. Use most is water-solubility antiseptic, occupy antiseptic to use the 3/4 of gross about.

The classification of 1.2 wood preservative

The wood preservative that uses at present differs according to its medium and active ingredient can divide it is 3 kinds big:

1.2.1 tar (TO)

Include coal tar and bitumen to wait. They are the by-product of coal and petroleum products more, the United States began to use 1889, basically use at pile of railroad tie, house radical to wait not to affect the place with beautiful environment. After 1986, miscellaneous phenol is oily limitation of the “ that be labelled by arrange of American environmental protection uses kind of antiseptic the pesticide of ” , blame obtain allow must not use.
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